Long-time Hearthstone caster, Admirable, steps away from desk amid Blizzard's handling of Blitzchung

                                                                                                                              Photo: ThatsAdmirable on Twitter
▲ Nathan "Admirable" Zamora and  Edward "Gallon" Goodwin.


Few individuals are as synonymous with the competitive Hearthstone scene as Nathan "Admirable" Zamora. Known for his analytical mind, quick-quips, and beard, Admirable's work behind the desk has allowed him to work within the game's esports scene since its' early days. Currently, he's one of North America's Grandmasters on-air talent. That may all be coming to an end, according to a statement he shared on his personal Twitter account Thursday evening.


One day after Brian Kibler announced that he is stepping down from casting the Grandmasters' finals at BlizzCon next month, Admirable is doing the same. According to his statement, his values do not align with his employer, Activision Blizzard, who recently banned and rescinded the prize money of Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung for using his post-match interview to make a statement demanding the liberation of Hong Kong amid political turmoil in China.


Admirable's statement is as follows:


Two other Hearthstone casters, Simon "Sottle" Welch and Alex "Raven" Baguley issued statements of their own on Thursday as well. Both expressed their disappointment in Blizzard but want to continue working with the company moving forward, despite their ideological differences.


Aside from the Hearthstone team's initial statement on the matter at the beginning of the week, Activision Blizzard has yet to release a follow-up message to the public, despite the mainstream attention the decision to ban Blitzchung has created. 

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