[Worlds 2019] Isurus Warangelus: "[Uzi and Teddy] are the best in the world, but Perkz is really fun to see. (...) He's unpredictable and very talented."

Last Tuesday, the Play-In stage for the League of Legends World Championship 2019 concluded. The final teams, among which many from minor regions, clashed in search of the main stage's spotlight. The first match of the day, Hong Kong Attitude versus Isurus Gaming, was decided in the former's favor, eliminating Latin America's last representatives at the event.

After the match, Isurus' AD Carry Fabián Esteban "Warangelus" Llanos Bernal was good enough of a sport to sit down with us and talk about the event. He hared what went wrong during the most crucial series of the year for him, and how he will improve going forward.


Welcome Warangelus. You just barely missed out on making it to the main event's Group Stage—what's going through your mind?

It's mostly sadness. It's so sad to lose in an instance like this. The main thing now is to get up and get rolling once again.


Did you expect to get this far?

Yeah I expected to get to the Best of 5. I just wanted to win so badly. We knew we could get this far, maybe take it to a fifth game and have it be a 50/50.


In the final game, you all of a sudden were faced with a Veigar and a Syndra. Did that catch you off guard?

They were flexing a lot, we knew that. So we decided to pick some neutral champions in all the lanes, because we could get countered otherwise. It was pretty weird to us, we didn't know exactly what to pick. That's why we went with champions that would be good regardless.


In hindsight, is there anything you could have picked for a better result?

No, I think the draft was ok. We just dropped the ball when we invaded the Blue Buff and gave Veigar two kills. That's pretty bad. That champ doesn't do anything until, like, twenty minutes in the game. Now he spiked way too early because of the double kill we gave. That was the first point where it went downhill for us, that game.


What did you think of your personal performance throughout the tournament?

The first day I played really good, the second day not so much. Today I was an average AD Carry. Just a normal day for me, I think. I didn't do too much, but I wasn't bad either.


In order to improve, which AD Carries will you follow during the main event?

Mainly Uzi and Teddy. They are the best in the whole world, but Perkz is really fun to see. He does things that no one expects. He's unpredictable and very talented, and good at so many champions. So those three I'll be watching.


Most of the time players have a couple of champions they're good at. Are you trying to expand your champion pool?

Yes. We practice a lot of non-meta champions. Today we played Vladimir, for example. But we don't know how to win the games with those champions. It's a little bit difficult to pull it off on stage. The hard thing is not about playing the champion—it's winning with the champ. That's something G2 does perfectly. They know how to play around everything. What to do, and when to do it.


Worlds 2019 ends on a sad note for you, but what should we expect from you in the future?

I'm going to be there for every international tournament. Every single time I'll try to improve and to get my region rolling, so everyone in the world can watch us.


Isurus has a large Latin American following. How did you experience that throughout the tournament?

We always have so much support from our region. It's insane. The saddest thing is that we're letting them down now. So many people are cheering for you, and you just lose. That's very sad. Every win we get, is for them.


Any final words for those fans?

I just want to thank them for all the support that they've given us. For me it's sad, because I wanted to represent all of them on the main stage. So to the fans: I'm sorry.

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