[Worlds 2019 Cartoon]The Matchup in Groups Became More Interesting!

Today’s cartoon is about the groups that have been finalized after the play-in knockout stages.

After a fierce and competitive play-in stage, the last teams to join the main stages of the 2019 LoL World Championship have been finalized. Each group has a different vibe. With the addition of new teams in groups, while things roughly stayed the same for some groups, others had their competitive dynamic change altogether.

When it comes to predicting the teams that will get out of groups, group A and B haven’t changed all that much. While HKA have joined group A by defeating ISG 3:1, it wasn’t a landslide victory, and many predict that they’ll struggle against the best team in Europe, G2, the powerhouse of Korea, Griffin, and the team that’s been dubbed, ‘The Hope of NA’, C9. Group B is also similar. FPX still looks to be the favorites of their groups, while Splyce, J Team, and GAM Esports will battle it out for the 2nd spot into the next round of Worlds. Just like HKA, Splyce also struggled against UoL, so many are wondering if they’ll do well in their group.

Group C has become much more interesting. Just as Huni wanted, CG have joined group C, and will be squaring off against his former teams, Fnatic and SKT. As Huni have previously stated in an interview, there’s much interest in if he will be able to keep his word in making coach KkOma angry. The last team to join is DAMWON. If many eyes were on the TL vs IG matchup before, it’ll now be interesting to see how the super rookies of the LCK will stir things up in their group.

As some say that the real start of Worlds is from the group stages, many more exciting matchups await the audience all around the world. For all League of Legends fans worldwide, Autumn suddenly became much hotter than Summer.

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