[Worlds 2019] DWG Showmaker: "I don't think we showed a good enough performance for everyone to be afraid of us."

DAMWON Gaming finished its Group D matches in a clean 4-0 and secured a 1st seed from the Knockout Stage in the process, but in a post-game interview with Laure Valée, DWG Mid Laner Heo "Showmaker" Su stated that the team had yet to showcase its true capability. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games 

"I don't think we showed a good enough performance for everyone to be afraid of us," said Showmaker when asked about the fear of potential opponents in the Knockout Stage. Valée, understandably taken aback by the response, asked the young Mid Laner if the Korean squad being without its Head Coach Kim "Micro" Mok-gyeong due to health issues had affected the team at all or lowered its expectations of performance.

"Our head coach couldn’t come due to health, so we’re sad about that, but the other coaches are here, so we’re okay," Showmaker explained. "Still, we're going to prepare a lot more for the Knockout Stage."

DWG was far from perfect in Group D, only securing its 4th win after a handful of early game mistakes against Flamengo eSports. However, as Joshua "Jatt" Leesman stated after DAMWON's win over Royal Youth earlier today, the team stating that it had been playing at 'only 10%' in its first day of Worlds was a tad hyperbolic.

Still, DWG won't be able to continue making these types of mistakes against stronger teams. Other major region Top Laners will not cede the Boardwalk of the Top Lane to Nuguri as easily as the likes of Brazil and Turkey. However, Showmaker isn't concerned, responding to Valée's final question about the team being punished for its mistakes later in the tournament with confidence:

"It’s true that we haven’t been able to show our real performance yet, but I’m confident that we can prepare well and go to the next stage."

As the 1st seed from Group D, DAMWON Gaming will face off against Latin America's Isurus Gaming from Group B, CIS' Unicorns of Love from Group A, or the eventually decided 2nd seed from Group C. The Play-In Knockout Stage begins on Monday, October 7th. 

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