[Worlds 2019] Play-In: Group A Seeds have been set for Knockout Stage

Clutch Gaming closed out Group A of the Worlds 2019 Play-In with its first victory against Unicorns of Love. The #3 LCS seed ensured North America's safe passage from the Group Stage of the Play-In to the Knockout Stage, escaping from Group A as the 1st seed while the CIS representative will have to settle for the 2nd seed. 

▲ Image Source: Clutch Gaming

Group A kept to its 'rock-paper-scissors' trend established in day 1 of the Play-In, with Clutch
Gaming, Unicorns of Love, and OPL champion MAMMOTH all finishing with 2-2 records.

Since no team possessed a 1-1 record against the other in Group A, the seeding for tiebreakers was decided by length of victory; shortest to longest. 

UoL and MMM would play in the first tiebreaker. The winner would qualify for the Play-In Knockout Stage, and would face Clutch Gaming for seeding as the NA representative possessed the quickest victories of the three teams. The loser would meet the same fate as Detonation FocusMe did in Group B earlier today, and be eliminated from Worlds. 

MAMMOTH possessed a 2-0 record against Unicorns of Love in Group A, but the LCL champion would win when it counted. Unfortunately for UoL, it didn't take long before it was fed a taste of its own medicine. Clutch Gaming had lost both its matches to Unicorns of Love in Group A, but would snap back in the tiebreaker and outbattle the Unicorns. The Knockout Stage seeding ended just as expected, but there is no stranger route that could have been taken to get to the current outcome.


Clutch Gaming and Unicorns of Love join Group B 1st and 2nd seed Splyce and Isurus gaming, the seeding of which was decided by a match between the two teams earlier in the day. Group C and Group D will conclude on the final day of the Play-In Group Stage to decide which teams will qualify for the other side of the Knockout Stage bracket. 

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