Hearthstone announces Hallow's End: Doom in the Tomb event

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▲ Reno Jackson isn't safe from E.V.I.L. It's always right around the corner.


Halloween is coming to Hearthstone and the League of Explorers will have their hands full yet again.


Starting on Tuesday, October 8 at 10 a.m. PDT, the Hearthstone team will kick off the newest in-game event titled "Hallow's End: Doom in the Tomb." Until the event ends on October 30, new (Or...old) cards will be thrown back into the Standard card pool, a brand new Tavern Brawl can be played, dual-class Arena will return once again, and much, much more.


For a list of all 23 cards returning to Standard check out our story here.


Doom in the Tomb


Each week for three weeks players will be able to play a whole new Tavern Brawl event titled "Doom in the Tomb." While specifics as to how each week will work are unknown, players will be able to pilot both the League of Explorers and members of E.V.I.L against foes over the course of the event.


Week 1's brawl is the "Doom in the Tomb, Part 1" and will allow players to select their favorite member from the League of E.V.I.L and dive into the Haunted Temple to take down some baddies who get in your way of unthinkable treasure. This event is a timed one so speed is important. Players who complete a run in under an hour will receive a Rastakhan's Rumble card pack. Finish a run in under 40 minutes and you will earn a Golden Ancient Mysteries card.



Week 2 is "Doom in the Tomb, Part 2" and, this time, players will pilot the League of Explorers to dive into the temple and see how fast they can get the goods. Those who complete the run in under an hour will receive a Golden Temple Berserker. Beat it under 40 minutes and you'll nab a Golden Generous Mummy.


The final week is "The Haunted Carousel." According to Blizzard, players will need to strategize around minions constantly rotating board positions all while controlling numerous Dreadsteeds. The reward for this brawl is straight forward: Summon 100 Dreadsteeds and you earn a Rise of Shadows card pack.


Dual-Class Arena is back


For the entirety of the event, Hearthstone players who prefer to play Arena will have their experience spiced up with the return of an old event.


Dual-Class Arena, which allows players to select a Hero then a Hero Power from an entirely different class while the card offerings will feature both classes is slated to begin on Tuesday as well. If you've ever wanted to play as Jaina but use the hero power and cards of Garrosh, now is your chance.



Players who have an active Arena run when the event begins will have their current run ended and receive an Arena Ticket as compensation. To ensure that players have a chance to play in this game mode, Blizzard is making Arena Tickets awards just for logging in during weeks one and two.


Throughout the event, the Hearthstone team will be introducing new Legendary Quests and login rewards that allow players to earn some much-needed gold and card packs from Standard expansions.

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