Hearthstone team unveils all 23 Wild cards returning to Standard

                                                                                                                                      Photos: Blizzard Entertainment
▲ Hearthstone will begin a Halloween-themed in-game event starting next week.


Hearthstone's meta just got a little spookier.


Starting on Tuesday, October 8 at 10 a.m. PDT, the Hearthstone team will kick off the newest in-game event titled "Hallow's End: Doom in the Tomb." Until the event ends on October 30, new (Or...old) cards will be thrown back into the Standard card pool, a brand new Tavern Brawl can be played, dual-class Arena will return once again, and much, much more.


For all information pertaining to the new game modes, rewards and available bundles check out our story here.


23 cards back from the dead


As part of the in-game event, the Hearthstone development team is throwing 23 cards that are exclusive to Wild back into the Standard card pool to mix up the metagame. To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the event, the Hearthstone team is granting all players free copies of each card that cannot be disenchanted or crafted. Once the event concludes, the cards players do not already own will return back to the grave and disappear.


Now, on to the list.


▲ Druid returns a couple of cards to help manipulate their mana.


▲ Hunter brings back powerful spells to help turn the tides of battle.


▲ Mage returns two cards to cause a little chaos.


▲ Paladin's Secret package gets a bit of a boost with the return of a couple of heavy-hitters.


▲ Priest picks up another board clear and old-school Legendary.


▲ Rogue is now able to generate even more random cards.


▲ Battlecry Shaman has taken over the meta but maybe Evolve can be a Thing again?


▲ Warlock acquires a powerful three-drop minion and a new way to have some fun.


▲ Warriors returns the King of Stormwind and a courageous tauren.


▲ Five neutral Legendary minions are crawling their way back into the Standard meta once more. Combo-creators, THE Creator and the king of returning folks from the dead will return for a few weeks.


Enjoy the current meta for a few more days as, once Tuesday rolls around, an old herd of baddies will rise from the grave and infect player's decks.

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