CG Huni: "Once groups start, all of you can cheer for SKT, so until then, please continue to cheer for me."

On the 4th, after a rocky start of their day, Clutch Gaming took down MAMMOTH in day 2 of the play-in stages. With this win, Clutch Gaming kept their hopes alive to move into the next round of the play-in stages. 


Huni was interviewed in both the LCK and the Riot Games Channel, so the following are his words from both.

Image Source: LCK Twitch Channel


The following is Huni's inteview with the Riot Games English broadcast team.


It was a do or die situation for your team. What was the mindset of the team before your match?


We knew that this game could be our very last at Worlds, since we’ve lost to UoL twice. Obviously we didn’t want that. We were pretty nervous. I was kind of shaking as well. It showed in-game when I failed flash. We just figured out our game plan vs. MAMMOTH, and we’ve executed our game plan.

I could see the pressure on you, as you were so far ahead on Ryze. How did you feel when a lot of eyes were on you to carry?


I’ve gotten a lot of resources from the jungle, with the dive on Gangplank at tier 1 bottom turret, and rotating to take mid tier 1 turret. Although the team funneled a lot of resources onto me, we all knew that as long as we don’t make mistakes, we knew we had better drafts and outskilled them, so we just had to properly execute.



It was a really fast game. Are you happy with the team’s performance?


We were more confident vs. MAMMOTH as to UoL, so we were able to pull a fast victory. The draft itself was pretty standard, so we knew that we weren’t going to struggle vs. MAMMOTH. We’ll see how we’ll be improving after we face UoL in the tiebreaker, so I can’t wait.



It’s a three-way tie in your groups. How do you think it’ll play out?


Although we’d love to move on as 1st place, even if we move on as 2nd place, it won’t really affect us. Knockout stages are best of 5s, so we just have to win. I think MAMMOTH is an easier opponent, but since they beat UoL, we’d love to beat MAMMOTH and secure a good standing forr us.



You’re back in Europe. You’ve heard the crowd cheer for you. How does it feel to be back?


Insane. I’m extremely happy to be back here. This is where Huni was born. The crowd cheering my name gives me so much energy, and this is why I’m able to carry, and this is what it’s all about to play on this stage. I love you guys.



The following is his interview with the LCK broadcast team.


How does it feel to being potentially eliminated from Worlds to play in the tiebreakers?


I feel really glad. I’ve heard that we had to win fast in order for a 1st place placing in the tiebreakers, so we’re glad that we got the win in under 30 minutes. Although we’ve made mistakes, we’ll make it into groups and perform better.

You were it ‘Raging Huni’ mode. What was your mindset into this game?


I thought that I’ll book tickets to Korea if we lose, so I put everything on the line and it all worked out.

Can you say something to the Korean fans cheering for you?


It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview in Korean, and I’m nervous. I don’t know if it’s right for me to be so nervous doing an interview in my mother language. Thanks for your support from so far away, and once groups start, all of you can cheer for SKT, so until then, please continue to cheer for me.

You’ll either be facing MAMMOTH or UoL. Who do you want to meet?


MAMMOTH. UoL uses odd picks like Heimerdinger and Veigar, so I think they’re a harder opponent. On the other hand, MAMMOTH play more standard, so I think they’re an easier opponent. However, MAMMOTH did beat UoL twice in a row, so I think we’ll face them. I hope it works out how I envision it.

Final words to your fans all over the world?


Once again, thank you everyone for your support, and we’ll try our hardest to make it into groups, so we’ll give it our all to make it a reality.

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