MAMMOTH Destiny: Clutch was incredibly cocky... They didn’t give us the respect as equal competitors, so we’re going to try our hardest to get our revenge next game.

On the 4th, MAMMOTH took down Unicorns of Love in the day 2 of the play-in stages. Despite the early aggression from the Unicorns, MAMMOTH made the comeback to deny the Unicorns the 1st place spot in their group. 


Destiny was interviewed in both the LCK and the Riot Games Channel, so the following are his words from both.

Image Source: LoL Esports Youtube Channel


The following is from the interview on the Riot Games English broadcast.


Congratulations on your victory. How do you feel?


Incredibly nerve wrecking. The win was crucial for us because we now do not know who will be moving on to the next round, so to beat UoL for the 2nd time is really good for us. I think the tiebreakers work via average game time or head to head, so it feels really good to win. It was rough this past year, and we want to change it this year.



It took a long time for you guys to come online and win teamfights. What took you guys so long?


Based on team compositions, they had an early game composition, with Renekton and Rek’sai. We knew that as long as we played out the game, with champions like Orianna, outscales the enemy team, and the ‘wombo-combo’ that our team comp is able to offer in the later stages of the game is much better. Although we bled early, as long as we played our game, we pulled off a victory.



You play vs. Clutch Gaming next, and if Clutch wins, there may be a tiebreaker in your group. What do you think about Clutch after their performance today, and your chances of beating them?


I think that our group is incredibly close in skill, but Clutch was incredibly cocky. They just immediately thought that they’d move onto the group stages. That’s not how play-ins work. They didn’t give us the respect as equal competitors, so we’re going to try our hardest to get our revenge next game.

The following is the interview from the LCK broadcast.


How does it feel to defeat UoL twice?


It feels really good. Our chances of going to the next round as the 1st place team just got much higher. Our region doesn’t have the greatest track record in the international stages, so as representatives for OCE, it feels great.

When did you know you’ve secured your victory?


After we’ve gotten Elder Drake. We kept winning teamfights after that, and since we had a better teamfight comp, we kept forcing fights to win.



K1ng’s performance on Xayah was phenomenal. As his support, how did you feel?


I’ve played with him for 4 seasons, and I feel proud of his performance. I actually didn’t feel good when he didn’t play well on the international stages, but it feels good to see him perform well.

Your next game is vs. Clutch Gaming. Any words for them?


We came to win. We especially want to beat NA, and when we do, there will be a lot of memes.

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