DWG Nuguri: "The biggest change is Pantheon. He’ll be an extremely hot pick. Kayle is also interesting."

On the 28th (KST), DAMWON Gaming headed to Berlin, Germany to participate in the 2019 LoL World Championship Play-in Stage. On their way, they took some time to talk to the media.

Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon didn’t hide his excitement heading to Worlds. "Now I can really feel it. I’m a little nervous; the Worlds stage is really coming to me," started Nuguri, smiling.

"We didn’t practice that much during the preparation time. I guess we just warmed up," he said, and asserted, "I’m in a decent condition. I would need to bring up my form more after we arrive."

Nuguri also explained his thoughts on the changes in the top lane meta. "The biggest change is Pantheon. He’ll be an extremely hot pick. Kayle is also interesting, and the tiers of the champions like Jayce or Ryze dropped a lot." About the teams he would be meeting in the Play-ins, "I looked up their record. Royal Youth was dominant in their league."

"I’m a bit worried that we might be too nervous. We need to ease our mindsets when we arrive in Europe," he said, but he still showed confidence in playing against foreign league teams. "Our style is more visible when playing against foreign teams more than when we play against Korean teams. If we continue to meet foreign teams, I think we’ll have quite good results."

The group he wanted to head to was Group D. "The players of iG have strong laning, so I want to play against them. I’m also curious about G2, but we can’t go to Group A. Logically, Group B looks the most convenient, but it doesn’t really matter where we go."

Lastly, Nuguri said, "I think we were quite lucky this time. I thought that it’s a bit early for us to go to Worlds. But as much as we earned our spot, I’ll make it worthwhile."

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