bbq BlesS: ”The pressure on the outcome, made me stronger.”

On January 25th (local time), bbq OLIVERS defeated Jin Air GreenWings 2-0 in the second matchup of Day 7 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam e-Stadium in Seoul. With today's victory, bbq has placed themself in the 4th place. Hyunwoong “BlesS” Choi led team's victory with his aggressive play.


Below is the post-match interview with BlesS.

bbq is now one of the top 4 teams. How do you feel right now?

I can take a short break after today’s matchup since we have Lunar New Year’s holiday. It feels great to win the last game before the break.

There were some rough moments. How did you control your mind?

I told myself to take it slow because Maokai has a good tanking in the late game and we had strong DPS in both set 1 and 2.

Do you have a particular reason of Lee Sin pick in the second set?

I haven’t practiced Lee Sin much because he had low win rates in LCK. I was uncomfortable to use Lee Sin, but I could play him since Peanut broke the curse.

Why do you think Lee Sin has such low win rates in the tournaments?

When you play Lee Sin, you have to make something happen and outplay your opponents. I think the pressure of competition suppresses him to have poor win rates.

Why did you try to dive in with Kha’zix in set 1? It looked really dangerous.

I knew Lee Sin was on the bottom for sure. So I asked Crazy (that if I could dive) and he said OK. I think things went awkward because Crazy misplayed his Twisted Advance.

Were you stressed about making good result with bbq’s sponsorship?

It’s true. I felt pressure at first, but the pressure on the outcome, made me stronger. It feels great to have the sponsorship.

What has actually changed?

Well, first of all, I can have a lot of chickens. And since people’s perception towards us has greatly changed in a positive way, now team members felt secured.

What do you think about your next matchup against Kongdoo Monster? Are you confident?

I was lacking in confidence since we lost to kt big time. I think we should prepare for Kongdoo Monster. They’re dark horse of this season. I don’t think we have weak teams in this season.

Tempt seems to get improved a lot.

I knew he was a good player from the beginning. It’s no surprise to me.

Any last words you’d like to say?

I wish my fans to have happy New Year’s holiday starting on this weekend. I won’t stop practicing even on New Year’s day. I really appreciate bbq President for visiting on the stadium to support us and I'd also like to thank bbq for the New Year’s Day gift.

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