23 old Hearthstone cards will temporarily return to Standard, and everyone gets them for free

Hearthstone players love free stuff. Well, everyone probably does, but Hearthstone players have been particularly fortunate this set rotation so far. The Rise of the Mech event, Fire Fest-E.V.IL. and special quests to earn free packs are just part of the free events held so far. And it looks like Blizzard isn't slowing down anytime soon.

The Hearthstone developers have teased a new event which will bring a total of 23 cards, from either old expansions or the Hall of Fame, back to Standard. The aim is to keep the most-played game mode a vibrant one; The Saviors of Uldum expansion is almost two months behind us already, and the nerfs that followed it have been around for close to a month.

While Blizzard hasn't shared the full list of cards that will make a brief reappearance—Blizzard is providing more details on October 4th—we know for sure that Ragnaros the Firelord and N'Zoth, the Corruptor, will be among them. The real kicker? Blizzard is giving everyone a free copy of the Standard-visiting cards during the event. An important note: These cannot be disenchanted for dust, and players who already own the returning cards mustn't disenchant their copies either. The event copies will disappear into thin air once the event is over.

New class portraits for the true grinders

For players who've just about unlocked everything and have raked up more wins on Ladder than they can count, Blizzard has an additional treat. When you reach 1000 wins with a class on Ladder—or if you've already managed to do that—you unlock a brand new class portrait for said class. Currently, at 500 wins players earn an animated version of the standard class portrait, with golden borders.

The 1000 win hero portraits seem to kick those standard borders into super saiyan mode, displaying the same heroes but with a more powerful look. Three have been revealed so far: 1000 win Anduin, Jaina and Gul'dan for the Priest, Mage and Warlock class respectively. It's uncertain when the portraits will be added to the game, but the blog talks about the "next major update" as the estimated time of arrival.

▲ The 1000 win portraits for Priest, Mage and Warlock

Quality of Live updates to the Hearthstone client

Lastly, Hearthstone's developers seize the opportunity to talk about some improvements coming to the game's client. The card search engine is being improved and will, for example, allow a search for the word "snip" discover SN1P-SN4P in your collection. Other hard to type cards should be easier, going forward.

Another change, which will come after the mysterious "next major update", addresses daily quests. Some of the most impopular daily quests will be scratched alltogether, with new ones taking their place. Additionally, re-rolling a relatively easy 50 gold quest is always going to give you a harder-to-complete 60 gold replacement and vice versa, so players can manage their time dedicated to completing quests better.

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