To a captive in-game audience, Asmongold crafts realm first Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Asmongold is one of the most theatrical World of Warcraft streamers to ever play the game. In retail World of Warcraft, he created a niche for himself by putting on massive transmog competitions, dueling tournaments, and other in-game events fueled by a community dying for something to do.

Now, in World of Warcraft: Classic, Asmongold has skyrocketed in popularity as a Twitch streamer. Asmongold plays on Faerlina (the most populated "Streamer" server in the US) under the Alliance faction and his guild Olympus grew so large that multiple guilds had to be formed to fit the number of his fans that wanted to join. In other words, Olympus II,  Olympus III, and Olympus IV are all thriving guilds on the server.

A guild effort to craft a Legendary item

This week, Asmongold and his legion of guildies gathered enough materials and rare drops to craft one of the most iconic and powerful weapons in World of Warcraft: Classic. The recipient of such an item is an unassuming Paladin who was lucky enough to win an extremely rare drop off of Ragnaros, the Fire Lord.

This rare drop is then combined with the Sulfuron Hammer, an epic item only a  masterfully skilled blacksmith can create. This hammer takes an absurd amount of in-game resource to create and the gold required to acquire these resources is significant.

With the help of all of his Olympus guilds, Asmongold was able to craft the hammer:

One of the most compelling parts of World of Warcraft: Classic being introduced to 2019 gaming culture is how streamers and influencers affect the in-game world. While creating a Legendary item is always a big event in-game for those involved, because Asmongold's guild was the one making it, it single-handedly dominated one of the games major cities.

Asmongold, per usual, hyped up the epic nature of the moment with music and tolkien-esque roleplay:


The realm began to stutter, lag, and creak forward as hundreds and hundreds of players descended upon the same area. Spamming spells and creating as much visual clutter as possible, these massive displays of player activity are what made World of Warcraft: Classic special. 



At the end of the day, this was simply one in-game action done by a captive audience watching. However, it does represent the current state of World of Warcraft: Classic. Still thriving, still surprisingly hype, and filled with moments that cause players and viewers step back and appreciate the social nature of the in-game world.

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