Gen.G Esports Renews Ruler’s Contract For Additional 3 Years

This is a translation of Gen.G Esports' Sep. 23rd (KST) press release.

▲ Image Source: Gen. G Esports

On the 23rd (KST), Gen.G has announced that they have renewed Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-Hyuk, the face of their League of Legends team and a former representative for South Korea in the 2018 Asian Games, for additional 3 years. Gen.G stated that his achievements, hidden potential, and his ability to maintain his status as one of the best professional players in the world was invaluable, so they signed him on for additional 3 years under the best terms in the industry.


Ruler started his League of Legends career under Samsung Galaxy (currently rebranded to Gen.G) in 2016, and started to make his name known by coming in 2nd place in that year’s LoL World Championship, and won the Intel Extreme Masters Season 11. Shortly after, Gen.G acquired Samsung Galaxy in 2017, and under the rebranded team, he proved that he’s the best in the world by winning the World Championship that year and even earning himself MVP. In 2018, he has won a silver medal in the XVIII Asian Games held in Indonesia, and continues to prove that he’s the ace of the team in the Korean league, the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK).


Arnold Hur, the chief operating officer at Gen.G, states, “We’re extremely happy that we’re able to provide the best terms to the key player in one of the best teams in the world. He’s an extremely talented player with a big heart, and we will provide him with everything he needs in order for the Gen.G LoL team to qualify for the LoL World Championship next year.” He added, “We will prioritize the players’ careers and in developing their skills, so we’ll provide everything we can for a better team performance.”


Lee Ji-hoon, the general manager for Gen.G, stated, “Through continuous player recruitment, signing long-term contracts with players, and good player welfare, we’ll make sure to provide the best environment for our players to thrive in this industry. Just like Ruler, we’ll make sure to provide all the best players in the scene with the best offers of the industry.”


Ruler stated, “I want to thank the fans, the coaching staff, my family, and especially my parents, and I’ll continue to work hard to give back for all the love and support I’ve received. I want to perform on the international stages, and I want to show my parents that I can achieve my personal goal.” He adds, “I’ll make sure to lead the Gen.G LoL team into the World Championship next year.

In appreciation for all the fan support, Gen.G will host a fan meet at their headquarters on Saturday, Sep. 28th at 1 p.m. (KST). Caster Jeon Yong Jun will be the MC for this event, and it’ll be a time for the fans to look back at Ruler’s past achievements, and to talk about his future goals.

About Gen.G Esports


Gen.G Esports was first formed on August, 2017 after being inspired by the vast talent in Korean esports and the passionate fans around the world. With Kevin Chou, the co-founder of one of the best mobile game companies in the world, Kabam, leading Gen.G, they are rapidly proving themselves to be one of the best esports organizations in the world. From creating Seoul Dynasty, a team that represents Korea in the Overwatch League, they are rapidly growing in the industry by either creating or acquiring teams in League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Clash Royale, Call of Duty and Apex Legends. After rebranding to Gen.G from previously being known as KSV in May, 2018, they now have offices in Seoul, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Gen.G is partnered with companies such as Samsung Electronics, Razor, Netgear, Sidiz, and Desker. In April, 2019, they’ve received $46 million in investments, with notable investors being actor Will Smith, the Japanese soccer superstar Honda Keisuke, minority owner of the LA Clippers Dennis Wong, former chairman of U.S. Investments for Alibaba Group Michael Zeisser, and co-founder/CEO of MasterClass David Rogier.

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