Video game artists make a stunning trailer picturing Link in Overwatch

Fantasy universe crossovers bring unique joy to a gaming community. Nintendo figured this out pretty quickly with the Super Smash Bros. series, where at first Nintendo characters clashed with each other, but nowadays many franchises can be found. Today many studios have adapted it, and you can play as the Terminator in Mortal Kombat or play as Batman in Fortnite.

Blizzard Entertainment often makes references to the universes it has established in their games, but visits from a third party's universe's character to a Blizzard game are rare, if existent at all. But that didn't stop a handful of creative minds from creating a mind blowing trailer answering the question: What if Link made it to Overwatch?



The trailer has been made by Etienne Pov, a VFX artist working at Moon Studios (who made Ori and the Blind Forest), Philmon Belhomme, a 3D artist working at Shiro Games, Jeremy Vitry, the Art Director at Shiro Games, Aaron Walker, a freelance 3D artist and Stéphane Videlo, a 3D animator working for Riot Games.

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