My trip to South Korea last month was absolutely fantastic. I got to see the Inven KR offices, Lotte World, Cat Cafes... but my favorite part of the trip was to experience LCK. 

Take a look at LoL Park:

We got to watch SKT beat everyone in playoffs, I even interviewed kkOma - with the translation help of Lasso, David and Haao, of course.

LCK is definitely the most exciting esports league I ever got to experience, and I hope to be back many times. Catching Faker and Teddy in action was something that every big LoL Esports fan should experience. 

Here is a gallery of the best moments of my trip! 

I loved this cosplayer so much!
As you can see LCK made me very happy!
Bilgewater Cafe had so much good food!
Me and Haao /with beard :D
This is Lasso! He is nice :D
PUBG had a Kakao cute!
The INVEN offices are so nice, so many cool things to stare at.
Hey and we license awesome Overwatch products...This one is available on Inven Marketplace!

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