TEPPEN, the surprise CAPCOM card game, surpasses 3 million downloads

Two months after the game's release, TEPPEN, a real-time card game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment and co-developed by CAPCOM has surpassed over 3 million game downloads.

The mobile game is defined by iconic Capcom characters and the unique system of active battle not usually associated with collectible card games. Borrowing slightly from Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, TEPPEN features mechanics seasoned card game players have grown to expect and love; cards are divided between units and spells, creatures smash into each other trading via their HP and Attack stats, and the end goal is bring your opponents health down to zero.

However, TEPPEN is a completely unique experience thanks to the games real-time pace and Hero Art system. Hero Arts are, essentially, unique super moves each character can use at certain points of the match. They are so powerful, it is usually wise for players to build their decks around them. With 9 heroes available (soon to be 10) each equipped with 3 selectable hero arts each, deck building variety is at an all-time high.

Comment from Kazuki Morishita, GungHo President and CEO

“When TEPPEN surpassed 2 million downloads, we were thrilled so many players were enjoying the game. But now, in just a week’s time, to surpass 3 million downloads, we are elated so many fans are enthralled with the experience. With the release of the ‘Day of Nightmares’ expansion pack and even more exciting offerings planned, we hope the game continues to grow and pique player curiosity and interest.”


Comment from Justin Wong, 9-time EVO Champion and TEPPEN fan.


"TEPPEN hit 3 million downloads?!?! I mean what do you expect? It’s the best multiplayer game out in the market right now when it comes to reaction, strategy and speed." 

The first expansion for TEPPEN, Day of Nightmares, was released on September 2nd and introduces new cards and mechanics. In addition, a new playable hero,  Nero,  was just announced from the Devil May Cry series.


To learn more about TEPPEN, please visit the game’s official site. To explore the “Day of Nightmares” expansion, please click here

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