Nemesis thinks he outranks Caps, but there's one midlaner he still looks up to

It was one of the most thrilling matches of the LEC Summer Split: FNATIC versus G2, the grand finals of it all. It didn't need to be this tense—both teams already had a ticket to Worlds pinned down. But it appeared there was a whole lot more on the line than Worlds groups seeding. Both teams went in with guns blazing in an incredibly close match which, after a suspense climax in the fifth game, went the way of G2.

After the loss Nemesis, the timid but confident prodigy of FNATIC, sat down with us to reflect on what had happened, how he personally prepared for this match and how he feels about entering the Gauntlet stage next.


After getting so close, what's going through your mind right now?

I'm just thinking about the mistakes that we made. Draft and gameplay mistakes that we need to fix.


Did you see anything go wrong in that final game?

Yes, 100%.


Could you elaborate?

No, I can't give away our team's strategy. I can't give away information that's valuable to my opponents.


In terms of gameplay mistakes then—those can be viewed by anyone and are visible to your opponents too.

They're not visible to everybody. But there were some micro mistakes, some macro mistakes, mistakes with communication.


What contributed to these mistakes? Were there any nerves, was it the tension of the match?

I don't know. We're all humans, we all made mistakes.


You obviously studied G2 a lot before playing this match. What's something you personally picked up to beat them? A weakness you spotted, that could help you to shine?

Well then it has to be midlane. Going into the finals I thought I would have an advantage. I think I'm better than Caps.


The first games Caps didn't seem to show up indeed.

Well maybe he was playing well, but I think I was playing better.


And at the end of the series you still thought that?




Do you think you're a contender for best midlaner in the world?

That's too early to say. I haven't played half of the midlaners at Worlds. More than that. But from seeing them, I think Faker is the best midlaner.


What makes him the best to you?

I think he's just one of the most well-rounded players in the world. He's been doing it for years, and he's still at the top.


Going into these finals you were already certain of a spot at Worlds. Was there still any pressure on this match though?

No. But not because we had made it to Worlds already, but because I thought we were better.


And you did start off much better than G2 indeed. Did you manage to keep calm, or was some excitement brewing?

No I was calm throughout the whole series.


Do you and your teammates tell each other to keep calm during such a series?

Not really, I think that's just who you are as a person. I don't think anyone can change that. That's just the way you're born.


How did the rest of your team manage?

Well they're less calm than I am, obviously. They're all different.


In those situations, do you try help them keep calm?

I don't know what to do to help them. It's just who they are.


Looking forward, is your mind all set on the Gauntlet, or at Worlds?

On the Gauntlet first.


What strength will you be banking on going into the Gauntlet?

Well, we've shown that we can be good at times. I think we have an advantage over every team in Gauntlet, just look at our history. We've been playing well lately. I don't think any team in Gauntlet is a threat to us, I think we'll go in there and win it.


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