For 11 days straight, World of Warcraft: Classic was the top game on Twitch.

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World of Warcraft: Classic has skyrocketed back into the hearts and minds of gamers.

On August 26th, The nearly 15-year-old game amassed over a million concurrent Twitch viewers during its launch day. This was due to a surge of momentum from the World of Warcraft veterans and retail WoW players members eager to witness the chaos of new servers and, mainly, because it just so happens that most of Twitch's streaming elite decided to stream Classic.



Quickly after this Tweet, the number of viewers broke one million.


As WoW: Classic fever reached an all-time high, more popular streamers jumped on the bandwagon, creating more viewers and anticipation over the vintage MMORPG. It was an unprecedented look into how the decade-old social gameplay of Classic might change once celebrity gamers with thousands upon thousands of viewers are thrown into the mix.

And, as you might expect, top streamers were both harassed and revered in-game. The combination of memes and dozens of in-game viewers determined to make their mark on the broadcast created memorable streaming moments left and right.

Absurd character names deftly dodging filters, creative methods of ganking, gifting large amounts of gold (only to cancel in the last minute) -- if you could think of it, a stream viewer was trying to do it.


11 days on top.


This type of entertainment, combined with the top streamers sincere desire to continue playing WoW: Classic has catapulted the game to the top of Twitch. 

On the August 26th launch, WoW: Classic has become one of the most popular games on Twitch. Check out the data your self via our Esports Data Lab (Beta).


On September 6th, WoW: Classic finally fell just barely behind the "Just Chatting" category. Since then, it remains either the most popular game or in the top three games streamed on Twitch.

▲ The first-day WoW: Classic dropped from the top spot. Data available at @

Since then, World of Warcraft: Classic has remained among the top 3 games on Twitch. On average, Classic has among the highest number of individual channels streaming the game, second only to Fortnite within the last two weeks. 

While this may still be a momentarily blip of popularity due to the games recent launch, it is still fair to say that WoW: Classic has exceeded nearly all expectations and confidently silenced critics who claimed the game's appeal was purely nostalgic. At this point, the millions of players, stream viewers, and dozens of full servers prove that there is still a place for WoW: Classic gameplay in 2019.

Whether it remains a top streamed game on Twitch, only time will tell.

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