HLE Tempt: "From experience, APK is a team whose top and jungle are dangerously good."

In the final match of the 2020 LCK Spring Split Promotions/Relegations, Hanwha Life Esports defeated Jin Air Green Wings 3-0 and succeeded to survive from hell. Kang “Tempt” Myung-gu stayed afterward to share with Inven Global about how he felt playing in the series.


You’ve survived. It must be a big relief for you.


I felt that we wouldn’t lose, but still, it feels good to win.

How did you feel before the match started? And what did the team talk about?


We all stayed confident saying that we won’t lose if we beware of becoming careless.

Game 2 was a big turnaround. What was the situation, and how did it feel?


Actually, in Game 2, I thought we lost that game, or at least we were in big trouble. However in the Baron fight, our Thresh was able to grab Xayah. We got lucky.

There would have been many thoughts while preparing for the promotions/relegations. What did you focus on improving or fixing?


Before the series started, we were confident. I thought we should rest after getting through it all quickly, but we got really frustrated after losing the first match. After that, we had a lot of feedback. We were really frustrated.

From heading to this series to surviving, what did you learn?


There will be more matches to come. I’ve put in a lot of effort up to now, but I think I should be grinding even more. Other teams, all of them are better than I thought. I don’t ever want to play in this series again.

Jin Air has been relegated and APK Prince will now be another competitor in the LCK. How do you think they’ll do?


From experience, APK is a team whose top and jungle are dangerously good. They have a wide champion pool and capable of making many different variables so it’s very tough to face. But since we’ve already experienced them, if we play them again, we can win.

How are you planning to start the 2020 LCK Spring?


I’ve always been breathing mediocre air in a low or mid-low rank. Now I’d like to reach the upper ranks. I’m curious about how the air there would taste, and how the air in other countries tastes as well.

Lastly a word to your fans and your team who supported you?


Thank you for coming to watch today. I’ll return in a better form in the spring. I’d also like to thank the team for supporting us so. I’ll do my best to do well.

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