Cody Sun talks about Clutch Gaming's road to Worlds:

Clutch Gaming has done the unbelievable: Qualified for League of Legends Worlds Championship after barely making it to Gauntlet. We sat down with Sun "Cody Sun" Li-Yu to talk about the teams imminent success and...what he will bring to Europe with him!

Today we have Clutch Gaming’s Cody Sun. You guys just qualified for Worlds, and you were considered the underdog getting from 9th place in the LCS season and now suddenly you’re traveling to worlds, well, not suddenly, but what made you guys switch the way you play? What changed in the way you trained making you guys qualify for such a big championship?


It was a really hard journey, you know? Of all things that happened we barely made playoffs too, to even have a chance to into the Gauntlet, and Tanner was telling me how crazy it is that we played five best of fives and we lost the first two, against TSM and CLG, so we had to reverse sweep in the best of five. So we reverse weep in the last best of fives, but also in the last best of fives we also had a reverse sweep of the game, so my mind was pretty blown when he told me that. Just a lot of hard work and I think everyone tried really hard to help each other, we really became a team after finally making it to playoffs, in the last three weeks we really buckled down and said what was on our minds and tried our best to make it. It was a long shot but we did it.


When you say that you guys became more of a team, I noticed your interactions on twitter and you guys seem to be getting along so well. Who do you think is the most excited about making it to Worlds?


I think everyone is excited about making it to worlds, but if I have to pick someone from the team, it would have to be Lira, he’s been a pro for six or seven years now from way back in LCK and he’s been playing for so long, and all he wanted to do was to play Worlds once and prove himself on stage, so I am really happy.


What’s team that you are looking to face and a team you are concerned about facing?


Since we are third seed, our group is probably ging to be really hard, playing the first and second seed of top three regions. Whichever team we play will be very tough but we will try our best and see what happens.


And what will you be bringing in your suitcase to Worlds?


Um...Just a lot of socks, underwear, shirts...pants and stuff.

Of course I have to bring my gear, keyboard and mouse…

You don’t really want to do laundry at international events…


So you don’t wash your clothes at all?!


Well, I bring enough clothes that last me through the entire event…


Are you doing bootcamp in Korea or Europe?

Since most teams are bootcamping in Europe, we will be bootcamping there.

It’s pretty exciting for me, I have only been to China and Korea for bootcamp, so I have never been to Europe yet, it will be pretty cool to see what the European hotel is like...since we won’t be leaving our room.

---- Oh that’s so sad!

We will probably walk around and eat some food (laughs)


What are you most excited about Europe other than Worlds?


Probably the scenery, Europe has a long history of culture so it would be very cool to see tourist attractions and just be a tourist.

Thank you for your time and congratulations! I am so happy for you guys :D

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