SKT Wolf: "We might even win the Spring Split with a perfect record."


On the Week 2 Day 1 of 2017 LCK Spring Split, SKT cemented its position in the first place after defeating ROX Tigers with yet another 2-0 record.

While all of SKT's players were very good, we were specifically impressed at Jaewan "Wolf" Lee for supporting the team very well and even beating the ADC for damage dealt to champions in Set 2.

Here is our interview with him.

Congratulations on your third win of the season against ROX Tigers! How are you feeling right now?

I think we are even stronger than last year. We haven't dropped a single set yet. If we keep this up, we might even win the Spring Split with a perfect record.

In Set 2, you've dealt more damage to champions than the AD Carry. Do you think ADCs are too weak in the current meta?

I think it's more of supports being more powerful rather than ADCs being weak. Both Miss Fortune and Zyra are supports focused on dealing damage. I actually wanted to deal the most damage to champions out of all players, but I fell a bit short. Still, I think I did pretty well.

Supports nowadays are not just about sacrificing themselves for teammates but acting as another DPS. What are your thoughts on the new responsibility?

I am doing great in the current meta, and I like it very much too. However, it does sometimes feel like walking on thin ice because a single mistake can snowball into a lost game. Nonetheless, it should be fine as long as I don't make mistakes.

How do you feel about competing with Sehyung 'Mata' Jo for the starting spot?

It has been the same for the last few years. All matches have to start with the lane game, and I feel that I'm the best at the lane game. There always were supports who are constantly good in every metagame, and I consider myself to be the best among those supports. I'll be playing with that on my mind.

ROX Tigers picked Syndra as support in Set 1 to counter your Malzahar pick. What was your impression of support Syndra?

Not only I've played against Syndra, but I've actually tried Syndra as support during scrims. I guess you can say that we were expecting her. After all, there aren't many other options against Malzahar if Miss Fortune and Zyra gets banned. However, it's more of a desparate measure because Syndra as support is only good at the lane game and gets worse over time.

There were several problems during the draft phase in both Set 1 and 2. How did the team react to that?

The new client has a lot of problems. Although it is a nuisance, I could get over it, and everyone else was okay with it too. However, it would be nice if SpoTV could do something about the long delays.

Some fans were worried about Wangho "Peanut" Han adjusting to SKT. Does he get along well with others?

Both Peanut and Haneul "Sky" Kim are adjusting very well to the team. They have many peers to get along with and even spend break times together. I understand why fans might worry about him, but rest assured, he is doing great.

What are your plans for the Lunar New Year break?

I'll be spending time with my family before Saturday, which is the Lunar New Year. We didn't get a chance to take even a day off for almost 3 weeks, so I'll be spending the rest of the break going out.

Your next match will be against MVP. How will you prepare for that match?

We have plenty of time to prepare, and since we are on a roll, I want to make sure that we win that match without dropping a set again.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else to say?

I don't get to do interviews very often because there are many other star players in the team. However, I promise that I'll do well enough to be chosen for the interview once again. So I hope my fans don't worry about me and just enjoy watching the games.

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