LCS Gauntlet 2019 Picture by Picture:

The 2019 LCS Regional Finals have come to a close with Clutch Gaming (Dignitas) running the whole gauntlet through 13 games, beating three other teams to advance as the final North American Worlds seed. Similar to Cloud9’s run in Summer 2018 from last to Worlds, Clutch went from 9th in the Spring Split to Worlds. This is the first Worlds appearance for three Clutch members in LirA, Damonte, and rookie Vulcan. Huni and Cody Sun havbothe  been three times, Huni representing three different regions and Cody Sun three different teams. 


Here is a look at some of the players and staff throughout the 2019 Gauntlet. 


TSM entered the stage with visible tension.
GG, Clutch Gamers. Going to Worlds!

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