KZ Cuzz: "All the players on DAMWON are really good, so I’ll prepare well for Saturday and take the victory in style."

On the 5th (KST), the 2nd round of the LCK Regional Qualifiers between SANDBOX Gaming and Kingzone DragonX was held. By winning 3-1, Kingzone headed to the next round, the finals of the Regionals, to face DAMWON Gaming. Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan and Park “TusiN” Jong-ik delivered key performances during the match and were interviewed afterward.

You only had a day to prepare for tonight’s match. How was it?


Cuzz: It's true that there wasn’t enough time, but we’ve prepared plenty before our first match vs. Afreeca, so it was alright.

Last time against Afreeca, you weren’t feeling well. How are you tonight?


TusiN: I was feeling well, so I was able to play my game well.

So the fans don’t have to worry anymore?


TusiN: I was feeling a bit sick, but not that much to make anyone worry.

Bot lane performance was on point tonight. What was the key point?


TusiN: SANDBOX is a team that plays champions that other teams don’t really utilize, so we worked hard to make our team comp work. There were mistakes, but overall, the games were in our favor.

Despite how well the first match went, why did you say you were disappointed in the team communication in the comms?


Tusin: I think I said what I said because I wanted to achieve perfection, and knew we could play better.

About your surprise pick, Nidalee, I know that you practiced her a lot in Solo Queue, but isn’t she a champion that’s hard to use in competitive?


Cuzz: I practiced Nidalee for tonight’s matches, and the draft pointed in the right direction to pick her.

Did anyone on your team give you looks of suspicion?


Cuzz: The team did worry because she’s a pick that can go wrong in so many ways, but the early game went well, so they were able to breathe a sigh of relief.


TusiN: Cuzz was confident that he could play her well, and strongly voiced that he wanted to play her. Even I was confident that Cuzz will be able to give us a win with Nidalee.

Nidalee is a heavily mechanical champion. Can you give any tips on how to play Nidalee well?


Cuzz: Nidalee is a champion that farms really well in the jungle, so when all the camps are down, you can go gank with her.

You guys had a very decisive victory in Game 4. What was the game plan between you and Deft?


TusiN: We didn’t really talk much because we knew we just had to play well, but we both made a couple of mistakes. I don’t think neither of us did played well though. (Laughter)

You’re too humble. What would you say that you did well in tonight’s matches?


TusiN: I’m not too sure. The Pyke game (Game 2) could’ve gone better, but I feel bad that I didn’t play well.

You have one more match vs. DAMWON Gaming. I heard that they changed their nicknames to reflect how much they want to go to Worlds. Do you have anything you want to say to them?


Cuzz: All the players on DAMWON are really good, so I’ll prepare well for Saturday and take the victory in style.

It seems that TusiN’s mother’s here, and she’s holding a card that says “My Star that shines forever.”


TusiN: My mom’s a literary, so she’s like that sometimes. She’s like this when she’s out, but never at home. (Laughs)

Do you have anything to say to your mother?


TusiN: I didn’t know that she was coming, but thanks for your support tonight. If we win the next match, let’s party hard at home.

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