LPL Recap - The Fastest, Slowest, Hottest, and Biggest


Finally, two teams qualified for the 2019 Worlds in the LPL.

FPX beat BLG by a score of 3-1 in the semifinals and RNG also defeated TOP by 3-1. The two teams made it to the LPL finals, and at the same time, they were confirmed to advance to Worlds 2019. It's meaningful that it's the first Worlds appearance since FPX's debut, and that RNG has made it four times in a row(since 2016).

Now there is only one ticket left for Worlds 2019 in the LPL. Who will get the last ticket? Let's check out the LPL Recap for last week.


Fastest and Slowest GameRNG vs TES Game 4 - 25m 36s, RNG vs TES Game 1 - 45m 07s

RNG was leading 2-1 and they picked Yuumi-Sivir, the twin-turbo comp, and a Skarner. They easily snowballed the game and quickly finished the series 3-1.


TES had a sizable lead but made a poor Baron decision. RNG found the opportunity to rush Baron and stall the game. Xiaohu’s Vladimir came online later and RNG won this game at the end.

The hottest teamRNG

Although they had 10 championship points from the spring split, they never gave up. They won the first two series quite cleanly and made it to the LPL finals for the 7th time, which let them jump from 10 to 100.

The most disappointing teamTES

TES lost both semifinals this year. These young men have the their price.

The most moving momentFPX

Tian cried after FPX beat BLG to clinch a spot in Worlds for the first time.

The Kill leaderRNG Uzi

In the third game, Uzi played Ezreal and contributed to 52.9% of RNG’s total damage. However, they didn’t win that game.

In the fourth game, RNG picked “twin-turbo” comp, which enabled Uzi’s Sivir to get 11 kills.


*Image Source: LPL
*Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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