Interview with Flame: "Junglers are very influential in the current meta"

On January 21st (local time), the second day of the 2017 NA LCS Spring season, Hojong "Flame" Lee played his first game in NA LCS. He talked about the 10-ban system and the influence of the Jungler. He notably thanked and asked his fans for their continued support.


How does it feel to win today's game?

In some ways, we had an NA LUL game today, but I think it's better to win than to lose. Although I'm not satisfied with the performance, it feels good to have a victory with my teammates.

It was your first game in NA LCS. How do you feel about NA players?

Relying on my previous experience, today’s match wasn’t very burdensome to me even though it was my first game in NA LCS. But the early jungle invasion was different from usual. We had a rough time at the beginning of the game because we hadn’t had enough practice hours. We reacted poorly and it snowballed a little bit.

Fiora paved the way to victory at the end of the second game and you even had a Quadra Kill. What were your reasons for the Fiora pick and how do you evaluate the second game?

First of all, our team probably had the least practice time among all other teams. I had been practicing for a few days for the IEM before, and I joined the team at the last moment. Our support came to the state only a few days before the match, so we only had a couple days of practice hours. Well, that was on us, so we tried our best and I’m glad that we won.

During the scrim, our team members chose their favorite champions and we did not lose once. So it seems that we could go with a Fiora pick because we built our combinations based on our favorite champions. Though I had a little trouble at first because I did not expect such intense harassment at the beginning of the game, I’m glad that I could manage it well.

Dardoch played very well in the third game. You two led the team to victory in that round. What do you think about him as a player?

I don’t think I played all three games well. My performance was not satisfactory when compared to people's expectations or to my own practice. But I expected Dardoch to show good performance today because he’s young, he’s got talent, and was very good at scrims. I think what he showed today was something I could expect from him.

How do you rate the 10-ban system?

I think it is good for the Purple team. The 10-ban system can create new variables in different ways by breaking down monotonous patterns. There is always an area that becomes the center of a meta. This system might be able to shift all the stagnant strategies in various regions.

Every toplaner we’ve interviewed so far has said that the Jungler is overpowered. What do you think about that?

It is true. Junglers are very influential in the current meta. But since our Jungler is doing so well, I have no complaints on that front (laugh). It may be a little rude to mention this, but I heard from an interview yesterday that a Jungler solo-killed Impact during the scrims, and it seems that the Jungler was Dardoch. I guess it’s because that game didn’t go well for Impact, and he must feel pretty bad about it.

How do you get along with your teammates?

There is no problem at all. They all are very nice and we care for each other. We help each other a lot both in and outside of the game. Dardoch sits right next to me and we’ve had many conversations. He’s nice and we get along very well. It’s all good. But I haven’t learned English properly yet. So I’m trying to learn it in many ways. The place is really nice and the food is also good because I like Western food. The entirety of the environment is excellent. Now I just need to make some good results.

Any last words for the fans?

Please continue your support for me. I’m always thankful for it and I will show you some great performances in return for your support.

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