[2019 LCK Summer Finals] SK Telecom T1 Wins their 8th LCK Championship

The grand finals of the 2019 LCK Summer Split were held in Seoul, Korea on the 31st (KST). Again, Griffin and SK Telecom T1 faced each other for the championship; Griffin, for their revenge for the spring and their first championship, and SKT, for their 8th LCK championship.


There were a lot of mind games from the picks & bans in Game 1. SKT banned Yuumi and took Akali and Renekton, leaving the possibility of a swap, and Griffin responded with Sylas and Mordekaiser. First blood went to SKT, as Clid’s Elise came around to gank mid lane. Faker’s Renekton responded immediately to take initiative in the mid lane. SKT continued to snowball and did not give up a single kill to Griffin. Griffin’s Nexus was destroyed in 34 minutes.

Game 2 was more even. The two teams gave and took some kills, and divided the dragons rather evenly. The global gold was close; Teddy’s Ezreal and Chovy’s Sylas were scaled well. There was one key play in the game, which ended it. Griffin was attempting Baron and Khan’s Camille was still split-pushing. Instead of having Khan come to help in the Baron pit, they continued to push. As Effort’s Braum stole Baron and SKT won the teamfight, there was no more Griffin could do.


Nervousness showed when Griffin appeared on stage in the third set. They took away two key champions in the first two games: Ezreal and Elise. SKT again picked Sejuani and Braum, to lay strength in their teamfights. 4 Flashes were used in the invade phase, but no deaths. This led to Griffin’s first blood onto Sejuani, which continued to 2-2 kill trade. However, this time, Griffin continued to bother SKT in the top half of the map, and SKT wasn’t able to recover from it. Griffin finally took a game away from SKT in attempt to come back.


In Game 4, both teams had a change of pace. Sejuani and Trundle were picked in the jungles for Griffin and SKT, respectively. The game started slow, with first blood coming around the 8 minute mark. While Effort evaded Tarzan’s gank, Clid went to the top lane to pick off Doran’s Jayce. Clid responded with a Teleport, but he was too late. Once first blood was shed, the two teams started to fight more aggressively. However, fights went more in SKT’s favor. The game leaned completely to SKT at the fight at Rift Herald, where SKT gathered 4 kills in exchange of their support. Griffin tried to come back, but their effort wasn't enough.


As a result, SKT marched forward to their 8th LCK championship.


※ Match Results

Game 1: SK Telecom T1 (W) - Griffin (L)
Game 2: SK Telecom T1 (W) - Griffin (L)
Game 3: SK Telecom T1 (L) - Griffin (W)
Game 4: SK Telecom T1 (W) - Griffin (L)

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