TL Reignover: "I really like my new team and my new teammates"

Euijin "Reignover" Kim is one of the best examples of a Korean player who went overseas and adjusted perfectly to the foreign environment.

With Team Liquid's victory against Counter Logic Gaming in the first match of the season, it feels like Reignover is on a good course in this season as well.

Since we had the chance to interview Reignover after his match against CLG, let's hear his thoughts about the new team, his teammates, and the game itself.

It's your second season in the NA LCS. How have you been?

We got back together early January and started to prepare for the Spring Split. It's a busier time of the year, and we all are practicing very hard.

How do you feel about your new team and teammates? I'm specifically interested in Samson "Lourlo" Jackson, who did very well against CLG. I've heard that he was very underrated last season.

They are all good. Just as I was carried today, it would be nice if we could take turns carrying the team. As for Lourlo, I thought of him as a good player even before I joined the team, and I was sure of it after doing scrims and tournaments together. I have nothing but praises for him, and I think our teamwork will be even better as we practice more together.

How are you adjusting to Team Liquid, and is Gwangjin “Piglet” Chae helping you along the way?

I don’t think I have any difficulty in terms of communication, so while Piglet is not very talkative in game, we are all getting along pretty well.

What were your thoughts behind picking Kha'Zix in both sets against CLG?

When Rengar is banned, Kha'Zix is probably one of the safest first picks. He is quite strong at counter-jungling, scales very fast, and is an overall strong champion; that's why Kha'Zix is very popular in all regions.

In retrospect, however, picking Kha'Zix as the Blue team during Set 2 might have been a bad idea, and it's not just because I did poorly in that game.

Can you tell us why Kha'Zix in Set 2 was a bad idea?

CLG's composition in Set 2 could put quite a bit of pressure on both the top and bottom lanes, so I had to care for both lanes. The problem was that the enemy jungler had the upper hand in terms of vision, and Aurelion Sol was a good champ to dive into other lanes with.

I feel that I learned something during that game, and I'll make sure to recall what happened today whenever I consider picking Kha'Zix.

What are your thoughts on the 10-ban system?

I think it's a good change. The draft phase has become more strategical, and there is more room for errors and powerful picks. General diversity of champion picks and counter-picks has increased dramatically.

Also, it isn't as bad as I thought it would be for players with a smaller champion pool, because the first ban phase bans the same number of champions as before. So those players with a smaller champ pool can get their pick during the first pick phase while they are adjusting to the change.

Do you have any close friends among Korean players in the NA LCS?

I feel that I’m closest to Cloud9’s Eonyeong "Impact" Jung. Changsuk "GBM" Lee, who is in the LCS EU right now, and my teammate Piglet also come to mind. I didn't know Piglet very well before, but we are getting to know each other better now that we are in the same team.

Speaking of Impact, he mentioned during our interview that the jungler became very important in the current meta. What are your thoughts on junglers in the current meta?

It actually feels more monotonous than before. Because of how important the botlane is, junglers have to start from the top and go to the bottom, be around Level 3 or 4 after that rotation, try ganking the botlane, do a rotation again, fight for the buff or objective, and so on.

Just like that, the first 10 minutes for a jungler are already set in stone and it’s very tightly scheduled. So it became very important to exploit any mistakes that the enemy jungler might make. There can be other factors like counter-jungling, but it’s mostly the same for every game.

I do see how this makes the junglers more important, but I personally feel that it makes the game a bit boring for me.

Thank you for your time, Is there anything else you want to say?

The first match of this season felt very good in terms of teamwork, and I think that's why we did well in that match. It was a huge relief to be carried even after making quite a few mistakes in Set 2. I really like my new team and my new teammates, so I think I'll do well in this season.

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