Fun Facts: 10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About LCK Finals

The anticipated matchup between Griffin and SKT is drawing near. People around the world are making predictions and analyses as they await the grand finale.

LCK has come a long way since its inaugural season in Spring 2012 and are now getting ready to commence its 18th Finals match. Even with the league’s restructure back in 2015, we are already at the 10th Finals since the change. SKT has always been a team that has been consistent throughout the years, while Griffin is looking to be a team that can actually challenge them. Fans cannot help but be excited for what’s in store.

We looked back on past LCK Finals matches since 2015 and have compiled a list of ten facts that you may find interesting as we get to see whether this upcoming Finals will add to a history that is very well still in the making.

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*Based on games held after the 2015 restructure of LCK*


1. Spring Finals has never seen a Set 5.

People will expect close matchups for every LCK Finals, and for them to want a 3:2 victory for a team wouldn’t be asking for too much. However, a Set 5 has never occurred for Spring Finals since 2015. How does the Summer Finals compare?

2. Regular Season Champions have a 66.6% win rate in Summer Finals, with teams climbing up from Wild Cards or Playoffs having 33.3%.

Teams have proven that doing well in the regular season means that you will do well in the Finals. Could it be that keeping their core strategies and getting good rest plays an advantage for the waiting team? This Summer Split will see SKT play a probability game of 33.3%.

2-1. Oddly enough, that 33.3% was made possible because of SKT. They are the only LCK team to have won as the challenging team.

This raises questions as to whether they can do it again.

3. This is Griffin’s third Finals appearance, and so far, they are 0-2. Meanwhile, it is 9 appearances for SKT, and they are already looking for their 8th championship win.


For Griffin, making it through consecutively is impressive enough, but the results haven’t been as noteworthy. SKT, on the other hand, have made it to the Finals more than they haven’t. They lost only once and won seven LCK championships. Another one this split would bring SKT’s LCK championship rate above 50 percent.

4. This is the first time the two finalists from the previous Split meet once again in the Finals.

5. Kingzone has a 100% win rate in the LCK finals.


Kingzone appeared in Summer Finals 2017 and again in Spring 2018 - they won both. In terms of sheer win rate, you can’t deny that Kingzone was quite incredible.

6. The team with the most second place finish is kt. Summer 2015, Summer 2016, then Spring 2017 - they were runner ups three times.

The eventual story ending for kt was a happy one as they were crowned Champions last summer. If Griffin comes out as second once again, they will match kt’s previously-held record. Notably, Griffin lost back to back in two consecutive LCK Finals. Can they finally break the curse?

7. SKT have won more Finals in Springs than they did in Summers.


Since 2015, SKT has won every Spring Split Finals except in Spring 2018, winning four in total. They have only one Summer Split championship in that same time frame. Before 2015, though, they have won once in Summer and once in Winter. It is undeniable that SKT is dominant in the Spring, but no one is calling them the ‘Kings of Spring’ quite yet.

8. Kingzone is the only LCK team to have won a domestic title yet still fail to qualify for World Championship.

9. If you include this upcoming Finals, the team to have faced the Regular Season Champions in the Finals is as follows: 2nd seed, five times; 3rd seed, three times; 4th seed, only twice. The 5th seed has never made it to the Finals stage.

10. No team has ‘actually’ went all the way from Wild Cards to win it all.

SKT in Summer 2017 was the 4th seed team as they went all the way up from Wild Cards to the Finals. This split, they find themselves in the same situation. SKT failed to win it the last time around, as they lost to former Longzhu Gaming 1:3. This was their only championship loss. If they win this split, SKT will become the first team to have come all the way from Wild Cards to ‘actually’ winning it all.


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