LPL Playoffs Recap - The Fastest, Slowest, Hottest, and Biggest


So many things happened in the LPL last week.

2019 LPL Spring Season winner and 2018 Worlds winner Invictus Gaming (IG) was eliminated in the first round. IG was desperately defeated by LNG 0-3, unworthy of their reputation which made many fans sad. EDG was also defeated by Bilibili Gaming (BLG) in the second round of the playoffs. EDG had always participated in Worlds from 2014 to last year, but they won't be appearing this year.

Which team will eventually smile at the end of the LPL playoffs? Let's check out the LPL Recap for last week.


Fastest and Slowest GameEDG vs SN Game 3 - 26m 27s, RNG vs LNG Game 3 - 41min 44s

After EDG managed to win the second game to make the score 1-1, they finally found the rhythm of the game. In Game 3, they created a huge lead in the early game, then snowballed quickly and crushed SN in 26m27s, which gave them the momentum to win the BO5.

When LNG was 0-2 behind, it was a win or die situation. They played super well and had a 10k gold lead. However, RNG somehow found ways to come back. In the end, LNG saved the game when their nexus only had 56HP to force another game.


The most surprising teamLNG

From securing a playoff spot at the last day of the regular season to 3-0 S8 World champions. Although they lost to RNG 1-3, Flandre’s Akali pentakill and LNG 56HP nexus deserve all the praise.


The most disappointed teamEDG

After they exited after the first round of playoffs in 2018 summer, EDG tried different rosters but the results haven’t been great. The 2-3 loss to BLG was their last game of the year. As one of the most dominant teams in the history of LPL, EDG has missed Worlds for the first time.


The biggest upsetLNG 3-0 IG

LNG, formerly known as Snake, was 12th in the spring split. After being renamed to LNG, they started strong but fell a lot in the middle of the split. It seemed like another mediocre year for them.


When LNG swept iG, people witnessed LNG’s ambition and talent as well as iG’s loss and confusion. Before the playoffs, people were wondering if iG can defend their titles. Now fans are worrying about if they can still make it to S9 Worlds.


Kill leader/ highest DMG%:

RNG vs LNG Game 3
Xayah - 13kills, 46.9% DMG%


*Image Source: LPL
*Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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