Blizzard adds two, then three more servers to combat massive queues.

World of Warcraft: Classic is experiencing a, depending on where you stand, predictable/surprising influx of popularity during the games official launch on August 26th. 

Players are being faced with massive queue times and, as a result, Blizzard has been opening up new servers throughout the day. 

The first new servers were Kromcrush and Kurinnaxx:

Then about 2 hours later, more servers were added, Ashkandi, Kirtonos and Rattlegore:


Too little, too late?

While the new servers are helping players who just want to play and have no realm preference, it isn't an ideal solution for the realms that are already extremely populated.

In fact, the most heavily populated realms in the game are only so crowded because they were among the small number of servers available during the early name reservation period before launch. These crowded servers are filled with players who have already committed to playing on them because of the unique chance to reserve their names.

Had Blizzard had this many servers available during the early name reservation period, perhaps launch could have looked different without so many massive queues.

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