Thousands attempt to reserve their World of Warcraft: Classic names and rage ensues.

At 3:00 PM PDT, Blizzard made it possible for WoW: Classic fans to reserve the names of their characters in preparation for launch. Players are allowed to reserve up to three names per account and, to many, this marked an extremely important moment in re-living the nostalgic Classic experience.

▲ The times listed by Blizzard on their official announcement.

After all, for many fans looking to re-live their WoW: Classic journey, making sure they reserved their original characters name was paramount. In true classic fashion, the first hurdle players had to overcome was simply logging on. Thousands upon thousands of gamers all had the same idea -- snag the coolest names and maintain my online identity within the world.


But this is WoW: Classic -- things couldn't be that simple. The first issue was this strange error message that greeted the lucky fans that were able to log in immediately at 3:00 PM PDT.

After this, the queue times became a very real problem for most. Just forget about trying to secure a popular name or something iconic. Within seconds, the line was full and all the most popular names were likely gone.  Mario the Dwarf, Legolas the Night Elf, Shrek the Orc -- you better believe these names are taken.

After you managed to log into the game, select the server and actually logging it was another obstacle. It appears that Whitemane the PvP server was among the most populated and eventually rose to the top of the popular list. Much to the distress of those trying to log in, every second represented another name that was being snatched up by someone else.

To the average player, a name might not be a big deal. However, to Twitch streamers and gaming personalities that plan to invest heavily into streaming WoW: Classic, grabbing their iconic name is of utmost importance.


So it should be no surprise that Asmongold, one of Warcraft's most popular streamers, did not manage to secure his characters name.

One player who goes by Thex accidentally created a WoW: Classic meme weeks ahead of the name reservation period by revealing their plans to create a Shaman named Thex. Naturally, because the internet is the internet, people vowed to take the name Thex before the original Thex could.

As it turns out, the OG Thex lost their name as well:


The rage begins.

Just minutes after the servers went online (You couldn't play the game, only create characters), thousands of players turned to Reddit and began to find solace in the mutual rage they all felt. The frustration of not being able to log on mixed with the anxiety of knowing that, every second, more names were being taken, proved a frustrating reality for the majority of players looking to log on.

It was a first-come, first-served situation and naturally only a lucky few would get the exact names they desired. An exciting day for some but, in general, a glimpse into what it will be like during the actual launch of the game.

Servers will be filled to the brim with players on the outside begging to be let in. In a sense, this mad-rush is true to the WoW: Classic experience and is a familiar struggle many veteran players remember about the old days of intense server queues, wait times, and frustration.

The official WoW: classic launch at 3:00 p.m. PDT on August 26. 

EDIT: The meme that was Thex seems to have a happy ending.

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