SKT Faker on Ekko and Kassadin Pick: “I have a pretty wide champion pool, being able to pick situationally.”

On August 23rd, SKT T1 faced off against Sandbox Gaming for the 2019 LCK Summer Playoffs. SKT showed great variety in their champion selection, which included Ekko and Kassadin for Faker, as they dominated their opposition in an eventual 3:0 victory.

With a huge cheer from their supporters, [SKT players] took the stage for the post-match interview to share their thoughts on the victory.

Here is an excerpt from the interview.


A dominating 3-0 victory. How do you feel?

Faker: It was a valiant effort by our team to have gotten this far. We’ll need to work hard to go even further.


Faker, did you have a good dream before you woke up today?

Faker: I’m not sure what dream I had exactly. I actually didn’t think I was going to play that well, but thankfully, everything worked out. 


Interesting picks and bans in response to the recent patch. How much did the coaches prepare heading into this one?

Khan: We only had one day to prepare for today’s match, and our coaching staff worked all through the night to get us prepared. We owe a lot to them.


SKT is prioritizing red side much more ever since Wild Card began.

Teddy: We really wanted the later picks during picks and bans, and red side just gave us a general sense of confidence.


Effort, your goal was to improve with each round of play. How do you see your progress?

Effort: Last game, I was really disappointed in my positioning, but I feel like I improved on that today. Overall, I’m happy with today’s result.


Picking Ekko then Kassadin was unexpected. How much of a say did you have in those picks?

Faker: I usually keep my options wide, being able to pick depending on the situation. In regards to how much of a say I had, I did ask every now and then whether I can pick those champions.


Teamplay was key once again today. How did you pick out situations to initiate fights?

Faker: When I hit my power spike, I like to go in pretty aggressively. If we find ourselves in a good position, we won’t hesitate in starting team fights.


Having won two sets in a row, what did the coaches say before the final game?

Clid: They told us to keep playing the way we have and to finish off strong.


Aatrox against Karma in Set 3. Was the laning phase not hard?

Khan: Normally, people wouldn’t pick Aatrox against Karma as it can become frustrating. However, I trusted my teammates, and the pick fit the composition well, so I decided to pick it up.


After winning Set 2 with Xayah and Rakan, Sandbox used the same composition in Set 3.

Teddy: We sort of expected them to pick Xayah and Rakan, but we weren’t that worried as we were prepared.


First time playing Leona today. How was that like?

Effort: I thought the pick itself was okay, but I could’ve done much better with my skill shots.


3rd set was all domination by SKT. Any words between the players after the game?

Faker: We didn’t really say much after the win, but I think we all felt our performance going up for us to get the 3-0 victory.


Anything you want to say to them now?

Faker: Not much. Let’s do well in the next round.


Your next game is against Damwon. Any thoughts?

Khan: There isn’t much to say. We will play our best for the next round.

Clid: We have a good momentum with today’s win. We’ll work to maintain this.

Teddy: I’m happy with our team’s form. We’ll try our best to keep doing well.

Effort: We were able to show a lot of new picks, and we hope we can show even more in the next round.


Anything you want to say to your fans?

Faker: Our hope was to go to the Finals and to win LCK Summer. We hope to see you all there.

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