SKT Khan: "When I heard "Starting at the bottom to win LCK" from Faker and kkOma, I thought it was bullsh*t. Now I deeply believe it."

The victory against Afreeca Freecs was T1’s first step to finals. 


21st August (KST), SKT faced the youngest team in LCK, Afreeca Freecs. Brilliant plays were countlessly displayed by both teams. In game 3,  T1 finally defeated Afreeca Freecs by winning the teamfight in front of the Elder Dragon. Faker's assassination with Teddy's Kaisa led his team to the match against SANDBOX Gaming. 

The following is an interview with Khan and Faker. 

Q.  The game seemed really hard.  How was the match against Afreeca Freecs?

Khan: We started at the bottom in the summer league, in the playoffs too. I really hope to keep on this winning streak. 


Faker: Today we won. We will be better in the next match.


Q. KkOma told that Afreeca Freecs' early game strategy is their only strategy. How was Afreeca Freecs' strategy in game 1?  


Faker: They picked Qiyana, which was expected. We managed smoothly so that we could win game 1.


Q. Your team was soundly defeated in game 2. How did you analyze that loss during the break time?


Khan:  Afreeca Freecs really liked to pick early game champions. After game 2, we focused to pick a better champion in the early game. 


Faker: They liked to pick the champions that easily dominate the lanes. So, we changed our comp to take advantage of skirmishes in the early game.


Q. (To Faker) You picked some champions you never picked before, such as Renekton and Qiyana. Didn't you feel pressure playing them?


Faker: I'm confident in playing any champion. There was no pressure. I only play the champion that is advantageous to play.


Q. (To Khan) How about you, Khan. You also picked Jax, which is barely played these days?


Khan:  I actually prepared Jax before the game. I expected they will use many ban cards on top champions.


Q. There were huge mistakes in game 3.

Well, we misplayed several times in game 3. However, I thought we can win this game if we didn't make any more mistakes. 


Q. How do you expect the game against SANDBOX Gaming?


Khan: We won against Sandbox Gaming at the last match. We will just do what we have to do.


Faker: The game against Sandbox Gaming is Bo5. We will show better performances.


Q. Any last comments?


Khan: When I heard "Starting at the bottom to win LCK" from Faker and kkOma, I thought it was bullsh*t. Now I deeply believe it. It is time to show what we believe.

Only three games are remaining now. We will show better results.

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