LPL Week 11 Recap - The Fastest, Slowest, Hottest, and Biggest


2019 LPL Summer Split regular season is closed. The postseason of the top eight teams will begin on the 22nd.

FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports took first and second place and advanced to the semifinals. In particular, Funplus Phoenix lost only once and proved once again that they are the strongest team in LPL.

RNG finished the season with third place and Bilibili Gaming took fourth place. EDG, IG, LNG esports, and Suning, who came in fifth to eighth places, followed in the postseason.

The first round of EDG, Suning, IG, and LNG esports will be held on 22nd and 23rd. The second round of RNG and Bilibili Gaming will take place on the 23rd and 25th. The third and fourth matches will be held on September 4th and the finals on September 6th.

Fastest and Slowest GameTES vs OMG Game 1 - 21min00s, EDG vs SN game 1 - 50min33s

OMG couldn’t match TES’s individual power. TES created an early lead and snowballed the game very quickly.


EDG and SN had secured their playoff spots. EDG played very patiently while SN also showed their strength and resilience. After 50 minutes, EDG won the game in the end.

The Hottest TeamFunPlux Phoenix

FPX had 2-0 victory in both BO3 this week and finished the regular season with a record of 14-1. They dominated the LPL. In the game versus the second-place team TES, FPX’s mid and jungle players switched positions and still won the game. To qualify for the S9 Worlds is their only goal right now.

The Biggest UpsetBLG 2-0 RNG

Although BLG is really competitive in the summer split, their 2-0 win against RNG was still a surprise to many people. Before that game, BLG never beat RNG.


BLG has become a force in the playoff now. As for RNG, they exposed a lot of weakness, which made their fans very worried.

The Kill Leader

The Kill leader: "LWX" (FPX)

▲ From FPX vs DMO Game 2



The Highest DMG%

Highest DMG%: "Kramer"(LGD) -44

▲ From LGD vs VG Game 1

*Image Source: LPL

*Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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