KT Score on his Retirement: "After the game was over, I got a bit emotional."

On the 17th of August (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split match between kt Rolster and Kingzone DragonX, KT took the 2-1 victory and kept their hopes to avoid the relegation/promotion match alive. After the match, there was an important announcement from Go “Score” Dong-bin, that he would be retiring after the season.


Below is an interview with kt head coach Oh “ZanDarC” Chang-jong and Score.

How do you feel winning the last match of the season?


Score: Up to now, we lost almost all matches against the strong teams. I’m happy that we won against a team that’s higher up than us in the last match.


ZanDarC: The players would have felt a lot of pressure. It was good that they maintained their concentration. I’d also like to say thank you to all the players that put in enormous amounts of effort to show good performance throughout the season.

Which match was the most regretful of the season?


ZanDarC: The one against DAMWON Gaming early in the season. From that match, we fell to a losing streak. It was similar to the spring split.

Why did you play UmTi in the jungle quite often?


ZanDarC: Since the strong teams liked to fight, UmTi’s strengths were an advantage. However, as the macro became more and more important, I thought that stability was more important and started to play Score.

What do you think the biggest benefit for the team was in this split?


ZanDarC: It feels that all the players learned to get through difficult situations through concentrating. I also had a chance to look back at myself.

(To Score) Is it true that you’re retiring?


Score: Yes. I’ll be retiring as of the end of the summer split.

Were you conscious that this could be your last match?


Score: I wasn’t that conscious. Because it might not be my last match. (Laughs) But after the game was over, I got a bit emotional.

Which moment of your 7-year career do you remember the most?


Score: The most memorable moment was when I first started as a pro gamer. I didn’t know anything and came to Seoul to start; I remember my first teammates back then. Another memorable moment is when we won the championship last year.

What are your plans after your retirement?


Score: There’s still the possibility of me playing a few more games, so I’ll start thinking after everything is really over. (Laughs)


The result of Hanwha Life Esports’ match tomorrow decides whether you go to the relegation/promotion match or not.


ZanDarC: When we were preparing for today’s match, we thought to concentrate on our own performance more. Whatever the result, I’d like to finish the season well with the players.

Any last comments to the fans?


Score: With retirement right ahead, all the fans that always cheered for me are stuck in my memory. Although you may not be cheering for me anymore, I hope all goes well whatever you do.


ZanDarC: We started summer with PraY, but I’m very sorry to the players as the head coach that we weren’t able to bring good results. Although they would be pressured, I hope to reduce that pressure and end the season well.

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