DWG Nuguri Recommends Top 5 Champions That Make You Break Your Keyboard

Have you ever been severely annoyed because you suffered from some champion? Or do you want to break your opponent's mental? Here's Nuguri, the top laner of DWG, suggesting five champions to break your opponent's mental.

Check out this video to see which champion Nuguri suggests!



5th. Teemo

I picked Teemo for 5th.

The reason I picked Teemo 5th is that Teemo is... You could think that Teemo could be ranked higher.

But recently, Teemo rather makes your opponent clutch together as one, rather than breaking their mental. So that they can kill Teemo. So he used to be higher ranked in this list, but now he's come down a bit. Teemo's ability starts with the sound of his laughing and his taunts.  And that can break your opponent's mental, so he's ranked 5th. Even if he makes the opponent clutch together, he's still 5th. Since he's a ranged champ, his ability to bother his opponent is really good. 


After poking the opponent, you always need to press Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4. Use the emotes to piss your opponent off. And if they call for a gank... Check the paths with a ward or mushroom. When the jungler gets caught and goes away... Taunt them through all chat. Through this macro, you can create a divergence in your opponent team.


4th. Illaoi

Through this macro, you can create a divergence in your opponent team. When you play Illaoi, you tend to lower your own IQ. Your IQ becomes like... 50. And just keep going top. You go there, and fight, constantly. Rip the spirit... Steal money... Even when your opponent jungle comes, keep fighting. It's alright to die. If you die, just go again, and fight again. Then your opponent gets annoyed because even if he killed you, he can't win. And when he dies because of a gank, or gets solo killed...

He would think, 'What is this? My jungle came and helped, but I still can't win. I feel so bad...' Actually, Illaoi is that kind of champion. But they don't acknowledge that right away. They don't really know. That way, Illaoi can break your opponent's mental, so I chose her.


The main focus of playing Illaoi is...

Whether you die or not, just keep ripping your opponent's spirit. Don't care if you die. It's important to be chic like that... Is that the right word to use? Being chic? Bring down your IQ to 20. 


3rd. Neeko

With Neeko, you must go AD. And for the items, just buy items for 1v1s. Buy BoRK... and if the opponent is an AP champion... And for the items, just buy items for 1v1s. Buy BoRK... and if the opponent is an AP champion...Go Wit's End... If it's an assassin, buy Phantom Dancer. And just constantly push them under the tower.


Push the lane in, hit the tower, fight 1v1. It's alright to die as well. Even if you die, you win 1v1. And just push constantly. In a way, this is similar to Illaoi. The difference is that with Neeko... Being hit by her is kind of different. If Illaoi strikes hard with a big rock... Neeko keeps throwing little pebbles... and when you keep getting hit by that... and it gets stacked... The tower is gone instead of you before you know it. Kind of that style.


Recently, Neeko has come down a bit... But still... Her appearance... and her ability can ridicule her opponents. So I put her as third. The main focus point is... Pushing the tier 1 tower. Getting all the plate gold out of the tower. In that case, the opponent couldn't help but have a mental breakdown. Even if Neeko isn't as good in the late game... if their tower is destroyed, their mental would break for sure. That makes her third.


2nd. Karma

The reason Karma is second is that Neeko or Illaoi can be stopped. They're weak to ganks, and they could be cut off as well. As for Karma, even if she dies, when it comes to teamfights, she does 1 person's share. That's why she's second. She's the same... Push lane, steal money, hit tower... The reason I gave her second is that she can still do one person's share in teamfights even if she dies. So again, it's the same. Push hard, and it doesn't matter if you die.


Remember, our goal is to break the opponent's mental. Just steal money, clear tower... But if it's not that positive, just go have teamfights. If Karma wins, the opponent would... Would delete LoL from his PC... Or play Karma himself.


1st. Lulu

It's the same again for Lulu. Lulu and Karma's roles are identical. The reason Lulu is 1st is... That she has the strengths of Teemo. The sound of her laughter and emotes... Really demolishes the mental...

 Just hearing that sound... You can't not see it! When trying to get CS, you have to see the screen... There's no avoiding it. And she's the same with Karma. Even if she dies, she's good in teamfights...And has strong laning. So that's the reason Lulu is 1st.




Kleptomancy is the most important. When you earn money with Kleptomancy, don't use it. Keep the bags of gold in your inventory. Whenever your opponent sees your items... They have no choice. They'll be obligated to see. They'll be like, 'Did he get more? Not yet? Another one?!!' Making your opponent feel annoyed. Breaking their mental. I mean... It's fun but to climb and raise your tier... This isn't very helpful.


You can destroy your opponent's mental, but that of your teammate may break down as well. And it could feel really bad for yourself. Personally, I just think it's best to play a champion to win game. Just play these for fun. Play Lulu from time to time, when you're having a hard time.

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