GRF Chovy: "I was surprised that Rich's basic skills were at a very high level. He was a lot better than I thought he would be."

On the 9th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split match between Griffin and Gen.G Esports, Griffin had their revenge by defeating them 2-1. Game 1 was very one-sided, completely dominating their opponent. Gen.G struck back by substituting in Lee “Rich” Jae-won in Game 2, but it wasn’t enough to take the game. Griffin won Game 3 and gained their 10th win for the summer split. After the match, the MVPs of Griffin, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong were interviewed.

You got your revenge against Gen.G Esports. How do you feel?

: All of our remaining matches were important, and we needed to win them all. It feels like we’ve turned a corner today.

(To Tarzan) What did you talk about with your teammates before today’s match?

Tarzan: The team’s form has improved recently, so we were confident and I thought that we would win.

In the first two games, Chovy played Jayce and Renekton, both playing for the first time this summer.

: I didn’t plan to play them. I predicted that they would ban Akali and Aatrox and I was thinking about other picks, but it seemed right to play those champions so I picked them.

Jayce’s damage in the late game was amazing. Were you surprised?

: When I was playing, I didn’t know, but seeing it again… It’s really strong. (Laughs)

Did your team praise you after the game?

Chovy: No one said much. I was just proud of myself quietly. (Laughs)

Game 2 didn’t go quite your way. How was the feedback?

: We should have won it. We weren’t at our best and we weren’t able to snowball what we could have done.

In Game 3, you picked Olaf.

Tarzan: Olaf doesn’t have a very good win rate in the LCK, but I’m personally very confident playing him, and it’s comfortable as well.

In the LCK, Olaf has a 7-21 record. Among those 7 wins, you have 4 wins. What’s different about Tarzan’s Olaf?

Tarzan: For today, I picked Olaf because he’s good against Skarner, and I think that’s why I was able to win.

There was an amazing dive in Game 3. Who made the calls for the dive?

Chovy: We all planned it carefully. I saw Tahm Kench use Devour, so we were able to cut off Ezreal and fight well.

They didn’t give up the dive easily, but did you think it was possible?

: Renekton was a bit far away and Lehends caught that well and engaged perfectly.

Chovy played against Rich today. How was it playing against him?

Chovy: It hasn’t been long since Rich transitioned to LoL. I was surprised that Rich's basic skills were at a very high level. He was a lot better than I thought he would be.

Your remaining matches are against Kingzone, Jin Air, and Hanwha Life. What are your plans?

Chovy: Each and every match is important. We need to win them all to go comfortably… I’ll do my best in the remaining matches.

Tarzan: We lost a lot recently, but our performance is coming back up. In the remaining matches, we’ll do better and rush in more aggressively.

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