KT PraY on remaining matches, "We are a team that can beat any top team in the LCK and we'll try to do that as many times as possible."

Winning the match against HLE, has nearly climbed out of the pit of the relegation match today. KT Rolster, ranked as No.8 in LCK standings, faced Hanwha Esports Life(HLE), ranked as No.9,  and defeated them by 2-0. Although KT had a crisis in Game 2, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-Sung, Kim “PraY” Jong-in saved their team with phenomenal performances on Akali and Lucian. 


The following is an interview with KT Rolster Kim “PraY” Jong-In.

Today’s match was very important to both teams. How do you think about today’s win?

It took such a long time to win a game. Since we had a possibility to go relegations, we prepared this match like LCK finals.


kt Rolster was in big trouble recently.

Our performance was not good. That means we are not good. We should've won the games we were able to win. But we didn't. It might mean
we are not talented enough, but we will do our best.

KT's teamfights were good, today. Even in game 2, Your team reversed the game with a team fight.

Since all the KT players are veterans, we experienced enough not to be nervous with that crisis. We tried to make the game longer and we successfully reversed it with great teamwork.

Have you seen the bad comments about you in communities?

I had. I thought those bad comments are helpful for me at times. However, I realized that those affect my confidence a lot. For now, I try not to see them.

Have you regretted your return since your team’s record went bad?

I told my teammates that I’d regretted my return once. Along with all of the KT players, I’m responsible for my team’s record too. What I'm just trying to do is to display better performances for the fans.

What is your opinion about the remaining matches?

We were able to win the match against DWG, which is the No.1 team in LCK. We are a team that can beat any top team in the LCK and we'll try to do that as many times as possible.

Any last comments?

There are many staff members that help us a lot. Even though we are not able to reach playoffs, we are doing our best to show “the better us”. Thanks for cheering for us. 


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    level 1 Nacho_Alonso

    pray you will win.

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