SKT Faker on Maintaining the Winning Streak, Why Gaining More Damage is Important, and the Best Sylas Player on the Team

In the 2019 LCK Summer Split, SK Telecom T1 defeated Kingzone DragonX for their 8th consecutive win. SKT is now placed at 3rd, just behind DAMWON Gaming and SANDBOX Gaming. As it is a very close battle between the teams of the LCK, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was glad but still careful that the team had good momentum and a great atmosphere. He also insisted that he is the best Sylas player within the team.


You won 2-0 against Kingzone. How do you feel?

All our remaining matches are important, and how many wins we get from those matches is important as well. I think it’s a positive thing for us to have won 2-0 today and I’ll be doing my best to continue the winning streak in the remaining matches.

It’s your 8th straight win today. I would assume the team atmosphere would be really great. How is it?

Since we’re on a long winning streak, the team atmosphere is great. Although it would be good to continue this atmosphere, I think it would be more important to always be cautious of other teams and stay on our toes.

In game 2, Kingzone picked mid Vel’Koz. What did you think after seeing that?

I already knew how they would play, so I wasn’t too worried.

SKT is a team that can swap Sylas to three positions. How did you see Khan’s performance on Sylas today?

It wasn’t bad… Yes, he was pretty good today. (Are you admitting Khan is the best Sylas player in the team?) No. I didn’t admit that. (Laughs) (Then is it you?) Yes. (Laughs)

You should be quite proud of yourself because you made the shotcall for Baron that changed the stakes in game 2.

It happens often, so I'm not that proud. My teammates all are very smart when it comes to making decisions. Rather than me making the calls, we all make the calls together.

SKT often showed a strong teamfight that led to the victory. It feels that the team style has changed more aggressive than before.

I think the reason we can make those aggressive plays is that the teamfight prowess of all the players in the team is at a very high level.

You have a perfect record on Neeko, winning 7 out of 7. Maybe because of your background in appearing in so many commercials, your acting skill with the clone is amazing. What’s your secret?

I enjoy making plays that I need to use my brain so I put in a lot of thought for the clone plays. I’ll keep up the good work.

When we hear the comms, Effort always insists to hit the towers, but all of you say that you want to get more damage. Why don’t you listen to him? (Laughs)

As for the tower, we can take it down any time, but we can’t get more damage if it’s not that situation. (Laughs) I think that’s the most important.

Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs. Any comments?

To continue our winning streak in our remaining matches, we’ll be coming back with an even better performance against Afreeca Freecs. Thank you.

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