Cosplays and Activities! Sights from the last day of the Fortnite World Cup

All schedules of the Fortnite World Cup finals were ended. The winner of the Solo mode was 'Bugha'. 'Bugha' earned $ 3 million in prize money with honor and kept America's pride!

Let's see the photos of the last day of the Fortnite World Cup, with a lot of cosplays!

▲ The second day of Fortnite World Cup.


▲ People enjoyed the festival in many ways.











▲ Duo mode finals started at the stadium.




▲ 'Nyhrox'-'Aqua' duo won the Duo mode finals!
▲ The Solo mode final was played the next day.
▲ Next day, still many cosplayers were there.





















▲ Solo mode finals started!











▲ Finally, 'Bugha' from the US became the first winner of Fortnite World Cup Solo mode! (Photo by Epic Games)


▲ See you next year!

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