Sights from the first day of the Fortnite World Cup - Creative and Pro-Am Finals!

In the Creative matches, 'Fish Pam' led by FaZe Clan 'Cizzorz', Streamer 'Airwaks' and hip hop producer 'R.L.Grime' won the finals. It was a stage filled with laughter and enthusiasm of the participants, not a fierce competition.

Let's see the pictures of the New York Ashiana Stadium!

▲ Welcome to the Fortnite World Cup!

▲ Let's take the 'Storm Shield'!
▲ The stadium was so huge.

▲ The final matches started!

▲ 'Funky Fighters' got the score.

▲ 'Chicken Champions' won the second match.

▲ 'Fish Fam' won the third match!

▲ Finally, 'Fish Fam' won the final match.

▲ Special trophies for winners

▲ People were waiting for a Pro-Am match with 100 celebrities.

▲ Many celebrities came for the games.

▲ Ninja here!

▲ The Pro-Am match started!

▲ Stay tuned for the last two games of the Fortnite World Cup, the Duo / Solo mode final!

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