SKT Khan: "GEN and DWG are the teams that are showing the best performance recently."

On July 25th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, SK Telecom T1 defeated Gen.G Esports 2-0 and extended their winning streak to 6. As of today’s win, SKT pulled close of the postseason with their seventh win. In the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha delivered outstanding performance and were voted as MVPs.


You’re continuing the winning streak. How was today’s game?


Faker: We’re now facing the top-ranked teams starting today. Because we won 2-0, we were able to gain more confidence.

Gen.G was also on a good run. What did you focus on for today’s match?


Khan: We thought that it was an important match and that it was a chance to jump-start to a higher rank. So we talked a lot about today’s match, and as we won 2-0 today, we have a better chance to reach higher in the standings, so I feel really good.

Faker’s Neeko wasn’t banned today. Up to now, including Rift Rivals, you have 6 wins out of 6 games. Did you think you should pick her up if they didn’t ban her?


Faker: For today’s match, we changed our draft style accordingly to Gen.G. As for Neeko, since I have such a high win rate, I thought there would be a high chance that I’ll be playing her.

Many people say that it’s hard to hit Neeko’s ult. Do you think it’s easy?


Faker: I think when I use Neeko’s ult, it hits pretty well, so I don’t think it’s too hard.

The last Neeko’s Blossom was fantastic. How was the situation?


Faker: It seemed that the opponent was chasing us down one step too far, so I went in and used my ult.

Your surprise ult was amazing, but your teammates’ reaction was spectacular as well. Khan, what’s SKT’s secret to having such good reactions?


Khan: Basically, my teammates’ have vast experience and have good careers; they all have a good eye on reading the game. Faker is really good at seeing when to open fights; we practice a lot following his engages, so it went well like that.

Khan played Fiora in Game 2. Were you confident about the matchup?


Khan: Fiora is a champion that I’ve played a lot from long ago. I enjoy playing Fiora, and I like the Fiora vs. Camille matchup as well. So I didn’t hesitate in picking Fiora.

You evaded your opponents ganks so gracefully.


Khan: I thought that Sejuani could be near, so I was ready to react. If you think in advance of how you would evade the opponents' skills and use your own skills, it helps.

After SKT was seen playing 1v1 while warming up, it got popular among the players. Did you play 1v1 today?


Faker: Yes, but the result is a secret. (Is the champion you played also a secret?) Yes. (Laughs)

Your next match is against Griffin.


Faker: We lost to Griffin in Round 1, so we’ll play them thinking that we’ll win at all costs. Our goal is to win all the games in Round 2, so to reach that goal, we’ll deliver our best performances.


Khan: This is only my personal opinion, but Gen.G and DAMWON are the teams that are showing the best performance recently. Today, we beat one of them, Gen.G, so now we have less pressure in beating the remaining teams. In our next match, we’ll show a better performance than we showed today for good results.


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