This Is The Last Year of Score's Career

This is the last year we could see “The Great Jungler”.

Dong-Bin “Score” Go, a nine year veteran Jungler of KT Rolster, reveals that he will retire to do his military service in the  next year. He is now in the twilight year of his pro-player’s life. 

“This is the last year. I’m the end of my career. I feel so bad that it is uncertain for KT Rolster to go play-offs stages for now, "
Score told calmly. There were no various emotions while he was talking about his retirement. He should be — the second round robin of the 2019 LCK Summer Split is just started and he has a lot of matches left to play. 

“I’ve been thinking about my performance and shot-calling. Since I’ve tried to enhance my abilities, I’m so happy to get a result by winning today’s match. Thinking the last year, it wasn’t that happy when I won the game. This year seems very different from the last year.”

It's a wonder what Score will do next after his League of Legends career, but  he told me that he isn’t a person thinking about the future in advance. 
“Well, I’m definitely sure that I’ll have a lot of free time to think about it," Score said, laughing.  "I think there is a possibility to come back esports scene. Maybe a player again? or a coach? But, not a caster. I don’t like to evaluate a player in public...

"If I can bring a teammate when I’m charging on military service, I would like to be with Bdd. I would be happy to see him suffering.”

For Korean men, military service is a duty. Many LCK players will leave this scene because of this, such as SK Telecom T1 Jungler and World Champion Bae "Bengi" Sung-woong. Score promised that he will show a better performance than recently until the end of his career. 
“I really want to do the winner’s interview more. For the fans who encourage me and KT Rolster, I’ll never lose a game with poor performance. Please keep watching me and cheering me up.”

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