Teddy on the meme "Are you looking at the situation?"

On the 19th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, SK Telecom T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0. With today’s win, SKT is on a 5-game winning streak and is only 2 wins away from the league leader. Teddy said that his team SKT is confident to extend the winning streak and will try their best to secure a seed for Worlds 2019. 


The following is an interview with SKT bot laner, Jinsung "Teddy" Park. 

▲ Photo Credit: Riot Games


What do you think about the current situation?

We are good now. I felt like there was no answer when we were stuck in a losing streak. However, we finally recovered our confidence by breaking the losing streak.

What made SKT break the losing streak?

Head coach, kk0ma, helped our team a lot. He was with us at the draft phase, cheered our team by saying positive words. Of course, we truly did our best to win. However, the fact that kk0ma's coaching made us break the losing streak is undeniable.

You experienced losing streaks in both Jin Air Greenwings and SKT T1. Is there any difference?

I’m not saying Jin Air players are worse than T1 members. However, the losing streak in SKT was much stressful than the one in Jin Air because we were the champion of last spring split, and I had believed our teammates are the best players.

There is a meme that “Are you looking at the situation?"

I know It is good to have my own meme. But I hear that meme hundreds of times a day. I frankly was annoyed when I heard it for the first time but I got used to hearing that now. When someone asks me “Are you looking at the situation?”, I just answer “Yes, I am.” or just “Stop it, dude.” While I was streaming, some of the fans asked me that. There were some fans asking me that meme during the fan meet.

Round 2 just started. Are you confident to get a seed in Worlds 2019?

It is important to win the games we have left. We are supremely confident on winning matches now. I believe we just started our games. We’ll do our best to claim a spot.

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