SKT Faker: "Our goal isn’t just reaching the postseason; we would have to beat all of them eventually."

On July 19th (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. Making up for their 5-game losing streak, SKT is now on a 5-game winning streak, aiming for that 13-game winning streak Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok said. After the match, Faker sat for an interview with the media.


You beat Jin Air today, how do you feel?


I’m glad to beat Jin Air 2-0 and continue our winning streak. We’ll be facing top teams now; my goal is to bring up our performance more and win all remaining matches.

You’re on a 5-game winning streak, stepping closer to that 13-game winning streak you said before.


I’m very satisfied with our winning streak since the 13-game winning streak doesn’t seem absurd now. Up to now, we played against lower-tier teams, but the remaining teams are above us. The games will be a lot harder than the ones we won up to now.

In Game 1, the opponent attempted lane swaps and you followed them. In that process, you were picked off once. What happened?


I actually knew that Sylas was somewhere near because of Azir’s movement. I misused my W and hit a wall; that was the most regretful part of that moment.

Bursting Baron in Game 2 was interesting. Can you take us through that situation?


I talked most and my teammates all made relevant decisions. We were aware of Mordekaiser’s ult, so if we didn’t have two Smites, we wouldn’t have hit Baron. We also knew that Xin Zhao would be recalling to heal up.

Although it was 2-0, I don’t think you’d be fully satisfied with today’s performance. Which part was the most regretful?


Starting from before the match, I was in a bad condition. My mistakes were the most regretful. Besides that, the team is in very good condition. From the next match, I’d like to deliver better performance.

Qiyana is hot in leagues around the world, and you’ve been playing her on your stream, carrying the team.


There are more things that Qiyana can do than I thought, so I practiced her a lot. She has a high skill ceiling so I haven’t seen anybody play her with expertise yet. According to the situation, she is a viable pick.

For SKT to reach the postseason, which team do you think you would have to take down?


We would have to beat all the teams. We need to beat every team to start at a high spot in the postseason. Our goal isn’t just reaching the postseason; we would have to beat all of them eventually.

Your next match is against Gen.G.


Gen.G has a solid game style. I’ll be preparing well to play against that style.

Any last comments?


We’re having a good start to Round 2. We won’t repeat the mistakes we made during Round 1 and reach our goal at all costs.

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