Super Mario Run is coming to Android in March


Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile market, Super Mario Run, which was released on iOS last December, will launch on Android in March.

On January 18(local time), Nintendo announced the launch via its official Twitter and began to take pre-registers on Google Play. The specific launch date has not yet been revealed.

First debuting at the Apple Event last September, Super Mario Run was touted as the first Mario game that can be played with one hand. As such, the game runs in vertical mode only, to fully optimize itself to the mobile environment, while keeping the Mario feel alive with the tap of a finger.

Nintendo calls the game “free to start,” as only the first couple stages are available in the free version. Paying $9.99 will unlock all content without other additional in-app purchases. Industry experts predicted that the game will struggle to produce long-term profits because it lacks traditional mobile game tropes like fatigue points or cash items. However, Super Mario Run remains in the top 20 to 30 after topping the top grossing charts in the US, UK, and Germany, opening new windows for paid mobile games’ viability.

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