[Cartoon] Ready for Ranked? - TFT Still with many Bugs and Errors

Today’s cartoon is about Ranked mode being released on Teamfight Tactics while there still are numerous errors and bugs within the game.

Ranked mode for TFT is about to be released, which many people have been looking forward to. Moving forward from just normal games where you learn the basic fundamentals of the game to improve, we can now really play ‘competitive’ TFT. Those who enjoy being ranked and ranking others consider the Ranked mode as the real start of TFT.

The battlefield of Ranked is a place to prove one’s prowess (or luck); there shouldn’t be any critical errors or bugs in Ranked mode. However, in TFT, there are many bugs and errors that cause games to go the other way and which aren’t yet quite fixed. There had been item duplicating, Daisy taking up bench space, errors where the champion simply stops attacking, and a lot more. Some have been fixed, but there are more being found every day.

Bugs and errors are anticipated since it hasn’t been live for long yet and the fact that it’s still in beta, but the fixes haven’t been as prompt yet. Errors in PBE may be a bit more understandable but in the main servers, users would expect more prompt fixes for game-breaking issues. And of course, there’s always that player who finds one of those and abuses them for their own amusement. Unless these issues are quickly dealt with, it won’t be a surprise if users drain out as fast as they came in.

TFT has been widely popular around the world from the first announcement of the game being developed. It will be essential to keep up the good work by keeping the quality of the game at the top. With Ranked mode that everyone’s been waiting for coming up, I hope all of you Tacticians can evaluate your prowess in an environment without bugs or errors.

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