SKT kkOma: " In order to be as much help as I can for the team, I temporarily returned to the stage as the strategy coach"

On the 12th, at the Seoul LoL Park, Day 23 of the 2019 LCK Summer Split took place. On the second series of the day, SK Telecom T1 defeated kt Rolster and successfully continued their winning streak. 

The following is an interview with head coach kkOma that took place after his match against kt Rolster.

*** This interview was performed by our partnered media, Esports Focus.

What part of SKT's performance today are you most satisfied with?

I'm happy that the players looked really confident today.

If you can give praise to one player?

Khan was able to take lane priority despite playing against Kennen as an Aatrox. I want to praise him for that. Aside from that, everyone did well. Faker, too. Clid also had great positioning throughout the series. I want to praise Khan the most, however.

Playing in the LCK right after Rift Rivals, your team must've had a tight schedule. How did the players manage their time and condition?

Every team went through the same thing. The fortunate thing is that the Rift Rivals was held in Korea this year. After the Rift Rivals Grand Final, all the players hopped on a van back to the team house to practice for the LCK.

It seems like you guys are lacking a proper break. 

It still doesn't mean that we can just drop everything and rest. We're simply doing the best that we can with the time that we have. We're planning to take a break after our next match. As professionals, it's essential that we endure the busy schedule. On stage, all that's left behind after a match is either a win or a loss. Everything you say to justify underperformance or a break is an excuse in my opinion.

Your team was on a losing streak not too long ago. What made you return to the stage as the picks & bans coach?

The team atmosphere took a big hit after our losing streak. In order to be as much help as I can for the team, I temporarily returned to the stage as the strategy coach. Our team is now on a winning streak, so maybe, I'll stop... (Laughs)

During the Rift Rivals, I heard that all the LCK teams shared information and strategy with the other LCK teams. Do you think SKT grew through that process?

Back in the Rift Rivals, all the LCK teams allied with each other. We shared simple information such as those that are related to picks & bans. It's hard to say that the LCK teams saw a large improvement through the tournament. 

Having won the Rift Rivals, SKT has now won every single Riot-hosted tournament, at least once. How do you feel about that achievement?

Honestly, nothing. The only thing on my mind is preparing for our next match. Just because our team has won at least once in every tournament, doesn't mean that we'll win our next match. That'll be a good story to tell others once I retire, though. 

Did your team regain some confidence after winning RR? 

Yes. We also won our LCK match after returning, so I think the players will maintain that confidence. I'll be very happy if our team can reach Worlds. There's still a lot of time before Worlds, however, so I'll save my words for then.

Along with Faker, you're one of the two members that had been with SKT the longest. How is Faker different from then, and now?

Performance-wise, I'm sure the fans know, as they watch the games. Personally, I really like how Faker has become more friendly and bright. 

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