JSS Reports: LEC's scariest team is not G2, but Fnatic // Team Liquid is more complete than actual Gen.G

Soo-hwan "Jopssal" Hyun, a.k.a JSS, is a Korean caster & commentator that has been garnering a lot of attention from the Korean League of Legends community. He's been commentating on LEC and LCS leagues' games for 3 years... and with the recent rise of EU, his analysis on the game and each major league became a hot topic within the community.

As an analyst, Hyun enjoys making predictions as to what'll happen during an ongoing game and who'll eventually win. Even though making predictions like that isn't a good image for a commentator such as himself, and It's quite easy to mispredict the outcome of a game, He likes to predict based on his analysis.  Because he is a passionate LoL commentator who has not missed a single LCK, LPL, LCS, and LEC game.


The following is a report about The features of LEC and LCS. 




LEC: Fnatic, G2 Esports, and OrigenLEC's scariest team is not G2, but Fnatic

LEC's picks & bans and macro gameplay is very diverse. Each team has its own unique way of playing the game. There are teams that prefer playing slowly and carefully, some that prefer playing at a fast tempo, some that prefer split pushing, and some that like to do a little bit of everything. They don't believe that teamfighting is everything. One trait that the LEC has is that their split push game is extremely aggressive. If the LCK's mindset with split pushing is to secure small leads to eventually extend the lead and win, the LEC's split push mindset is to completely crush their opponents with it. Even if a mistake can cost them the game this way, they take the risk and play aggressively.

The tempo of the matches is extremely quick in the LEC, G2 and Fnatic especially. Vitality is also quite amazing in terms of speed. The players of Vitality are currently out of form, but if the players get back to form, Vitality is a team that is capable of placing very high in the standings. 

LEC's scariest team is not G2, but Fnatic. Depending on how their jungler, Broxah plays, Fnatic can play both offensively and defensively. They can deal with various situations, and each FNC player has solid laning capabilities. Out of all the LEC teams, Fnatic is the one that is most likely to win a Bo5 match to advance to the next round of a tournament. 

Origen is similar to NA's Cloud9. You can't say that their roster consists of the best players in the region, but they make up for it with proper macro and picks & bans. The two teams are also very creative in terms of drafting. Origen was the first team that utilized the Karthus-Zed combo. They defeated G2 and Fnatic with that strategy. 

It seems likely that the three LEC teams that will qualify for 2019 Worlds are G2, Fnatic, and Origen. But if one of them doesn't make it, it'll most likely be Origen. Their performance has been seeing dips, whereas SK Gaming's performance has been getting better. SK Gaming's Pirean is playing his lane similar to that of IG Rookie's - playing aggressively while dodging the enemy jungler ganks.

SK Gaming's bot laner, Crownshot, and jungler, Selfmade, are doing really well for the team. Selfmade does well in both the early and late game, whereas Crownshot does well in the mid-to-late game. SK Gaming's support player, Dreams' aggressive playstyle is sometimes very beneficial for the team. However, it can also sometimes put his team at a disadvantage. With a bit of refining, SK Gaming could become a really strong team moving forward.



Team Liquid, Cloud 9, and TSM Team Liquid is more complete than actual Gen.G

The LCS is very similar to that of the LCK. I think the fact that there are a lot of Korean players and coaches in NA plays a large part in this. The LCK has a lot more Korean players when compared to the LEC. Amongst the LCS teams, those who are unique in color and have a well-built roster stand at the top of the LCS standings.

Although it's always a bit disappointing to see other regions copy the LCK's playstyle, Team Liquid is an exception. TL prefers the traditional, by-the-book macro gameplay, hence earning the nickname, 'NA Gen.G'. But in truth, their playstyle is more complete and well-rounded than the actual Gen.G team itself. CoreJJ became a core player within TL. 

C9 is the most unique team in the LCS. Their basic playstyle is based on the LCK playstyle, but they're open to fresh ideas and trying different things. They're very talented at quickly finding the 'next meta' and making it their own. C9 has various players in their roster, and it is also one of the only teams that are continuing to sign and train amateur domestic talent. 

Previously, I heard that C9 was debating whether to pick up Nisqy or Fnatic's Nemesis for its mid lane. Seeing how both players are doing so well for themselves right now, I really got to hand it to Reapered - he has an amazing eye of recognizing talent. Unless a huge upset occurs, TL and C9 will be two of the three teams that will represent NA during the 2019 World Championship.

The taker of NA's 3rd seed for Worlds will most likely be TSM, who is famous for the ''gap is closing" quote. If you watch the LCS, you'll see why. In the LCS, there are no other teams who are as mechanically talented as TSM. The players' ability to play out the laning phase and teamfights is extremely powerful.

But personally, I think they could be better. TSM has players with outstanding mechanics, but their macro is very lacking. They have overwhelming strength, but they don't know how to use it. This is why their level of performance see a large dip when playing at an international stage. 

It's highly likely for C9, TSM, and Team Liquid to qualify for Worlds, but if one of them fails to make it, it'll probably be TSM. 

Any NA team can take TSM's spot. But if I'm forced to make a prediction, I'd pick OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves. The individual skills of the players on OpTic aren't that high. However, after picking up Crown, the team has been getting better. They're a team that can create opportunities for themselves through smart macro gameplay. I was really surprised at how great Crown has been performing recently.

Another player on OpTic that I have high expectations for is the team's top laner, Dhokla. Compared to last year, Dhokla's has been underperforming. He played and did well with certain champions that others didn't play, such as Yorick, Illaoi, and Urgot. If OpTic manages to find something new like that to catch their opponent by surprise, they have a good chance of making Worlds.

The meta has slowly started favoring the bot lane, and this is good news for 100 Thieves. Whenever Bang scaled well into the late game, he had carry potential. Aphromoo looks to be getting back to form as well. After 100 Thieves swapped out their jungler and mid laner, the lanes seem to have found stability. The team's macro is old-fashioned, but it still looks better than TSM's. 


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    level 1 Pouria_Adel

    Lol! CLG is currently so much better than tsm and your guess is optic or 100T could go to worlds instead of tsm? Have you watched optic games lately?? Or 100T???

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